Pictland  by Matthew Scotland



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pen on paper

i first chanced upon the Picts when scouring through books of world cultures and symbols, it was all quite familiar until i saw the carved animals and designs of the Picts, i thought they were brilliant and was keen to see where they were from. Thinking they were eastern or suchlike i was
blown away if confused when the descriptions all said from scotland, why had i never seen them before – it was only on reading further that i found out the land was called pictland, and finding the picts gave me a reference point that finally felt believeable to my perception of national character and events.
school history lessons may have held some interest for me if they had even bothered to mention the native bloodline of this country, instead it was wall to wall tartan clad rabbie burns which just sent me to sleep every time. i would loved to have heard of britains native remnant, a people of seperate language and culture who formed our most ancient kingdom, that spiritual beacon of europe who hung on to the ancient way, who stood up to Rome, and won.

And here’s us today, not quite the golden age of the past.

the nation that struck oil and got poorer, the nation maggie thatcher beat like a dog – but all is not failure, we have our achievements to celebrate – we proudly top every european chart for mortality, obesity, heart disease, addiction, – who was just calling us under achievers eh, wha’s like us


  • pinkyjain
    pinkyjainabout 5 years ago

    So incredible, the details are fantastic, so much to look at. Great commentary, too

  • thanks PJ, it’s great to get lost in the detail, glad you enjoyed

    – Matthew Scotland

  • pinkyjain
    pinkyjainabout 5 years ago

    The pictish symbols are awesome, wow

  • aren’t they cool, and the symbols are totally open to interpretation, their titles are just modern academic labels, imagination can be stirred – thanks

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaabout 5 years ago

    So you chanced upon the symbols only to then find out their origins were Scottish and they never even went into this history at school? Geesh and now I know that having my daughter complete her studies at home is the smartest decision I’ve made for her and with her acceptance as well. I’m sick and tired of the rampant garbage kids are now being subjected to. Sure, there’s still some good left but now the negatives are beginning to outweigh the positives. Time to make a stand.

    Scotland’s history, all of it not just some of it, is fascinating! Why would anyone want to leave out such beauty in details? They do the same here too, the kids get tidbits about stuff that also bores them to tears.I don’t even know why some teachers even bothered to enter their profession, they seem to exude the enthusiasm of a rock and I don’t mean to be derogatory to the rock! lol.

    The pict symbols are beautiful! No wonder you were so inspired by them! God bless you my friend

  • crazy isnt it, its selfishly comforting to know that were not alone in a very one-dimensional tunnel-vision education method, good for you as well with the home schooling, more power to you, do it while you can folks. i had a home-schooling plan myself, it was more unofficial though and involved more fun activities like drawing cartoons and ducking behind the window when the attendance officer came to the door.
    yes the history available is fascinating when you start to branch out into diverse areas of knowledge, but the school just holds a magnifying glass to the main trunk and sends you to sleep – ‘derogatory to the rocl’ lol, classic, its great we can laugh in the face of insanity, rock on my friend : ) blessings

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Jeff Schauss
    Jeff Schaussabout 5 years ago

    Hello Matt, This will make a great cover for your book and a fine introduction also

  • hi jeff, you right, i should organize illustrations into that book, the publishers are still rejecting but sometime one is selecting, thanks mate

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Colin Cartwright
    Colin Cartwrightabout 5 years ago

    And don’t forget, Rab C Nesbit, Matt!
    An excellent sketch and funny second sketch and description.
    And once in a chip shop in Bannockburn, I saw those, haute cuisine, deep-fried mars bars, eh?

  • haha colin, of course, thankyou for the good times, rab c should be running that carbuncle of a parliament, ’i’ll tell ye somethin boy!’ and of course the deep fried mars bar, some have claimed its a myth but i can vouch for it heartily on account of an old workmate who had a deep fried mars bar every lunchtime, ( i was more healthy and had a deep-fried pizza as part of my 5 a day)washed down with irn-bru, and follwed with a fag, i have always hoped since that i would see him turn up on ready steady cook.

    – Matthew Scotland

  • EllEssDee
    EllEssDeeabout 5 years ago

    First off – is the 98 in the bottom corner ; a/ the price , b/ the date drawn or c/ another of these symbolic numbers that I don’t always understand but wish I did cos I hate feeling left out of anything ?? (lol !!)
    The picture is wonderfully intricate (but dont show it to your shrink cos he’ll have a cardiac while he’s dreaming of how he can seperate you from your money while he is ‘helping’ you to come to terms with your deepset psychosis) and is another great representation of your obviously cherished heritage.The words,again,are insightful and inspired.There is no doubt in my mind that ‘the prince of this world’ has his grubby handprints smudged all over the education systems of this world.

  • hey mate, well the 98 is the date, that was about my first foray into some serious biro mania, no worries on it being a secret number your out of the loop on lol, the Pict holy number was seven by the way, pretty cool number for them to revere. LOL with that shrink revelation, he’ll be in the nuthouse before me if he thinks he can squezze some money out of me – verily you are spot on and its quite a sobering thought that that prince has fingerprints on such formative institutions, he’s got them everywhere else i suppose, thanks very much lee

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Martina Fagan
    Martina Faganabout 5 years ago

    many thanks from
    Tina & Fino

  • thanks tina

    – Matthew Scotland

  • biddumy
    biddumyabout 5 years ago
    Fabulous image of ‘Pictland’ and the Picts though warrior like were also keen craftsmen and did not like any intruders!!!
  • thankyou biddumy, they were such an artistic bunch, and so zealous in defending our freedom, cheers

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Lynnette Shelley
  • weehee, fantastic thankyou Lynnette

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Moonlake
    Moonlakeabout 5 years ago

    It’s a shame that these along with Welsh and Irish cultures were never taught in schools in the UK….

    It is nice that people now are more open to them all and the interesting way they lived, languges forgotton and some reborn,

    from what a teacher friend tells me, soon there will be no historic lessons dating way back, no more war of the roses etc, somehow there is a discussion that we are now multi cultural and ancient hystory has no place within British schools, this is not good more and more of our ancient selfs will be lost again.

    I did know about the pict’s though strangely I had the weirdest Welsh granny in the world and would tell us all these strange stories, I was lucky there. I hope more people stretch out like you have done here and learn about the interesting cultures making up these small islands.

    I love this you have taken so much time on a wonderful peace :) and hope I have not drivled on for to long haha.

  • thats shocking if not entirely surprising about the teaching of history, this political correctness equality scam is nuetering the mind and soul of the people – soon medieval historians will be meeting in underground dens, being hunted down by the thought police for crimes against freedom. thanks for your support and good wishes that we all celebrate our amazing heritage in every corner of this legendary island, there’s nowt wrong with it – funny to think if society was always multiculturally obsessed then no nation or culture would ever have existed anyway, that it seems is a futire goal for the powers that be, you got me driveling now, its contageous : )

    – Matthew Scotland

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