The Fall Guy by Matthew Scotland

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biro pen on paper

public enemy number one. A James bond-villain responsible for the horrific twin tower spectacle, a hollywood style evil genius in a cave masterminding global terrorism – but we never had a hollywood good guy to bring down the bad guy – no james bond to send in and poison him with a dry martini , bruce willis never got his vest on and hand-grenaded the mother into oblivion, jason bourne was too busy backflipping across europe for a dementia fundraiser, and a mentally unstable arnold swarchenegger was under arrest after taking his terrified wife hostage and trying to convince her he wasn’t a clone.
unfortunately war and terror doesn’t work like the movies, media tries to make it look like that with slick newsreels, we can make mass atrocities palatable with movie titles like ‘shock and awe’, its the sort of far away massacre you can enjoy from your armchair with a burger and a drink, beautiful slow motion explosions with music and voiceovers dance on the walls as you dip your doritos, we are desensitized to the reality, we view the world through screens of distortion, we press our eye to a pinhole to seek oracles of illusion.

enough waffling, purely aesthetically speaking, I reckon I drew this because I thought this reportedly evil man bin laden had an enigmatic, impressive looking face, dishonourable a reason as that may be.

PS, here is a little hurried sketch i made of bin laden and saddam last year, whilst i was working as a bartender in a top secret CIA facility.


  • Alleycatsgarden
    Alleycatsgardenover 4 years ago

    I still don’t understand how some jet fuel that vapourizes in seconds can burn down two giant steel and concrete structures – to fall at free fall speed upon themselves (not topple) – and cause detonation like explosions from the sides of the buildings as it collapses… and smoulder for months… yet a passport – of the terrorist pilot – is found at the scene, I thought paper would be more flammable than 200 tons of conrete. Oh well if the media say it is so – and they are pure and neutral in reporting the facts and not influenced or controlled by anyone…. it must be so
    Who would have thought scientific facts and common sense would make a difference to the truth? Just because it is physically impossible – doesn’t mean that anyone is speaking with a forked tongue

  • well said, so glad for the disturbing truths of this staged atrocity to be on display – wasnt that passport find just a rubbish scene shoehorned into the plot. evrything vaporized to ash, and then on the thick ashen layer, LOOK detectice columbo, a terrorist passport just lying there in near perfect condition, i wasnt even aware of conspiracies then, or even online, but these weirdly well-organized, well informed news streams following a strangely neat double, (actually triple) building collapse, was a confusing thing to comprehend – questions were forgotten however as the media raced me on relentlessly towards stage two, the revenge, a big wanted poster of Bin Laden and the sound of tanks and guns preparing.

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Alleycatsgarden
    Alleycatsgardenover 4 years ago

    awesome sketches by the way

  • cheers mate, thanks for featuring too in End Times group

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Jeff Schauss
    Jeff Schaussover 4 years ago

    Great drawing Matt,the story line is beyond insanity into something we don’t yet have a word for

  • thanks Bro, yes it is in that realm where we just dont have the words, the media age is becoming babel revsisited

    – Matthew Scotland

  • pinkyjain
    pinkyjainover 4 years ago

    Powerful drawing of these three, & the one on the side is great, too. Was a horrific day

  • thanks ever so PinkyJ, it was unforgettably awful

    – Matthew Scotland

  • EllEssDee
    EllEssDeeover 4 years ago

    Nice sketch mate and as always some well thought out words.Did you not get a little carried away with your ‘tags’ though !!!! As to your moonlighting bartend work did you manage to pick up any tips on how to get the best sound levels on those fiddly audio cassettes ? Please pass them on if you did !! Lee.

  • cheers lee,i liked his face for a study – and ha ha the cassettes, no i never did, i hear osama is finally moving on to music dvd’s and power-point presentations though, so look out for better productions next year – as for the tags, well there’s an old saying my granny told me that goes ’ if ye dont use your tags, ye will end up in rags’

    – Matthew Scotland

  • madvlad
    madvladover 4 years ago

    nice drawing matt interesting conversation too let me who are /is?am totally uneducated and cant spell either look at your pals story – first the 2 building were built by the lowest bidder i,d guess and make to stand by just being there in at worst the wind - nest there is a saying? i think by some long dead greek guy that saids thing in motion tend to stay in motion things stable tend to stay stable until moving the plane hits the building going el fasto bang boom explosion heat bang you dont know just where it hit but if it hit so one or two floors lost their suport they would start to colapez in to the floor below —here where things in motion comes in the weight of one or two floors becomes the weight to two and then they in falling on to the third make the third floor colapes on to the fourth floor and then the weight be comes four floors and the and the floor falls each increased the wight a a predeturmed factor by better minds them me who never went to school can you imagine the wieght factor mulipling as it all falls till it is a mass of falling death and destructon- but yes it all looks strange until you go beyond -passions and fears – yes there has been fakes in order to have govs make war for oil ? of some other reason and as to stuff being found after a disaster the fire was only at the hit area at first and the concusion could do the impossible as weird as it sounds====black magic?- but as i say i have no education and cant spell or think either — but i try to use logic in even insanty -and see if it is possible - oswald was alone or hitler is dead and not in trans silly vain knee ah?/ you now can burn this message away agent 99 have a great day and as my late wife used to say besure to take out the trash haha hugz scooty scoty walt mad as a hater but whos now?

  • lol, come in agent 33 your time is up, fabulous angle of vision, i am a firm believer in standing on both sides of the argument, conspiracies are interesting and offer contrast to the mainstream, with both sides to hang in the balance. those buildings honestly i aint got a clue man, i have no other comparison of watching plane-struck buildings collapse, although that third building collapsing was quite striking, at the very least there was pre-knowledge of this event coming – i have heard convincing arguments from both sides but none can clear the sniff of something fishy in the air, maybe its the airborne salmon particles the governement is spraying into the clouds to make us all a bit jumpy, and hey hitler is alive and well, now has a job in the vatican as their PR man, this message will self destruct in three seconds, get your face away from the screen.

    – Matthew Scotland

  • madvlad
    madvladover 4 years ago

    hahaha love a fellow pal who laughs at me and him self too - yes the third building was the one that got me too i had no- clue on explainig that one away— on hitler i used to get in trouble with him every times one of my fellow americans would say roosovelt put america back to work id say no he did not it was hitler and tojo haha not funny but soo true and my dad got work too by aldolf he got to go to england and sit for a year and then he got a boat ride to france and went to germany- free- - wow – me i got to go for a 4 year boat ride too have a great day matthew- take care and laugh alot and if it makes you feel better like i do off and on cry too and get it over haha pax roma

  • ha cool, i was checking your story on your page it was an engaging read and summed up the spirit of art and enjoyment, hitler supplying work lol, yeah and what thanks he get eh, the travel possibilities he gave to the likes of your dad, i will take care you too and pax romana to you with candles on top

    – Matthew Scotland

    BLYTHARTover 4 years ago

    When I saw the thumbnail of this I thought it was a photo. Well drawn.

  • thanks for that dave, thats a cool compliment – i missed this comment, hope you and the hens are doing well : )

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Lynda Robinson
    Lynda Robinsonabout 4 years ago

    I have enjoyed reading this intellectual and entertaining discussion. I have also enjoyed looking at a fine drawing.

  • thanks so much lynda, on the drawing front thats high praise coming from an artist like you – and i love it too when the comments unravel an array of thoughts and ideas. cheers

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Meg Ackerman
    Meg Ackermanalmost 2 years ago

    So true.

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