• Dorothy Venter
    Dorothy Venterabout 6 years ago

    Is it really as bad as this? :-) I left the city 4 years ago and do not wish to return there ever again.

  • Matthew Scotland
    Matthew Scotlandabout 6 years ago

    oh no not at all, its far worse than this, : )

  • Philip  Rogan
    Philip Roganabout 6 years ago

    Yeah this is the funside of town, here people are partying, hanging out, interacting evem if it’s often quite pointed but the other side of twon is where the real cretins hang out.
    Great work.

  • haha well said phil,the real cretins indeed !

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Aloramyst
    Aloramystabout 6 years ago

    Great work! It made me laugh! : )

  • excellent, laughter was certainly the spirit i drew it in, thankyou

    – Matthew Scotland

  • helene ruiz
    helene ruizabout 6 years ago

    fabulous work! Yes i was born and raised in and still live in a concrete jungle…well done!

  • Mylojs
    Mylojsabout 6 years ago

    ROFLMAO Matthew this is fabulous!!! Do you live near Houston?? LOL Reminds me of downtown outside the courthouse.. The guy with the drink would have just gotten what was left of my drink, a hot dog from someone else, and bummed a smoke.. AND I MEAN BUM.. lol Add some syringes in the bushes, and that’s home.. lol .

  • Matthew Scotland
    Matthew Scotlandabout 6 years ago

    lol, no i dont live in houston, but our courthouses seem to have the same folk lingering outside, yeah they start with a smoke then it goes on and on till i’m standing their naked with a knife in my chest

  • nodakami
    nodakamiabout 6 years ago

    strong work !

  • Nicollissa
    Nicollissaalmost 6 years ago

    survival kit: vasoline and a roll of duct tape… ha!
    i worked for a major aerospace company for over a decade – had this feel
    great poke of fun at the absurdity of the rat race
    nice work!

  • haha, thanks so much Nico, nice survival tip

    – Matthew Scotland

  • Sarai
    Saraiover 5 years ago

    That is the way I see the city life at this moment. The homeless and poverty stricken abound everywhere. Most of the problem is that the ones who make it so bad are the one’s who choose to live their lives this way. They have no desire to do anything but beg for handouts and let someone else labor for their care. It is saddening that those among them, such as myself and my son, cannot find true assistance because they are like vultures and devour all that is there to help those who want to achieve more from life than hand-outs. It is sad that people can choose to live this way and think that it is a good life. I have been to some of the churches for the lunch lines. You hear the regulars talking about the party they went to last night in the alley on 5th street. Drank all the booze they could handle because the panhandling paid off big that day. Then they brag about how they are going to enjoy this meal hardworking people labored over and then go find a dumpster to crawl up behind and take a nap until it is party time again. It is saddening and slightly repulsive. May God change their hearts to be helpers and not users. Your pic is right on the nail.


  • ha yes – mighty fine rant Sarai – yes thats the bunch, i’ts all about getting high and getting by

    – Matthew Scotland

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