Cale Lobba is an illustrator based in Vienna, Austria. Born and raised in Brazil, she moved to the UK after graduating from a BA in Industrial Design. In London she worked at The Walt Disney Company as a product designer and illustrator and graduated from a Masters of Arts at the London College of Communication.

Her work is inspired much by tattoo art, classic literature, music and film icons. Using traditional art style translated into vectorial illustrations. Cale Lobba works primarily in her own studio, Killer Wolf, with clients in Europe, North and South America. Her work was published in Design Week – Latin Infusion article (volume 25, number 23) – in 2010.

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Unauthorised use of art

People, I come here to call out for an unauthorised use of my illustrations. A shop in Buenos Aires is using my art without my consent. They even removed my signature from the designs and applied their watermark. Please do not buy any of my designs if not from myself, RedBubble or Society6. I haven’t authorised any resellers. And if you spot any misuse of my art please do contact me. Thanks…
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