Due to my love of the creative process, I tend to explore a variety of mediums, styles and subject matter. I’m drawn to the design, the colour schemes and motion of a composition, though the effects of light tends to be a fundamental part of how I design a piece. These are obvious approaches within the process of painting and each element has within itself, many techniques depending on the medium or the style one wishes to use.
I have been painting for over 12 years and usually work with oils, though recently I have been using gouache. The objective definitely influences which medium I choose, though it’s fun to mix it up some.
Compositions with a strong use of design tend to be done with gouache while landscapes, still lifes and portraits tend to be done with oil, given the freedom of time and malleability.

I create to communicate. I initiate a cause for response. I express to connect. I seek the symbols of visual language in order to understand and relate. I use the subjective to uncover objective obstacles as love might uncover truth.


  • Joined: November 2010