Hey there. My name is Connor McKee and I’m a Games Designer/ Author

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Painting WIP- The Night Vegas Fell

Working on a painting at the moment in celebration of the upcoming book… Thought I would tease you folks with a small portion of it. / http://www.connorcadellin.com/2015/03/painting-night-vegas/
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A Tribute to Terry Pratchett

This one is over on my author website: / http://www.connorcadellin.com/2015/03/tribute-to-terry-pratchett/
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New book on the way...

So, I got a contract to publish my second book. That happened. / http://www.connorcadellin.com/2015/02/contract-down/
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New Site! Content Inbound

Ahoy there. For those of you who do not know; I am a science fiction author in my spare time… and in preparation for a big unveiling of a future book, I gave my site a tremendous update this week. Enjoy! / http://www.connorcadellin.com/
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