G’day All! My name is Jaymee-Lee. I live in Queensland, Australia. I was born in Canberra, Australia. I write crime/thriller books as well as true crime. I also write songs and poems. To date, I have over 300 songs under my belt. I play the guitar, the piano and the drums. I write under the alias JME which stands for Just Mistaken Effigy (look that one up – hehehe). That’s me! My friends call me Cactus. Long story short, I fell on a Cactus back in 2005 so they’ve been calling me that ever since. If you wanna say hello or have a friendly chat, don’t hesitate to gimme a yell.


By the way, for anyone who enjoys all things Australian, you can visit my partner and I’s website which has some shirts we have designed.

  • Age: 24
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