Shirtheads - featuring Luckyvegetable

Zombies love brains. Let’s flip open the head of Luckyvegetable
and find ourselves a truly entertaining feed.

This shirt

tickled my funny bone in particular,
with a very obvious joke. ;o)

What would make a better date and why? A zombie, vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster?

Hmm…I’m thinking that sounds like the start of a great party already! I suppose I should stick to my theory that zombies would make the best lovers..well, the most persistent anyway. All that romantic mindless groaning teamed with the unstoppable undead shuffle….quite a combo, really. Of course, I have been known to keep company with at least one wolf, and I’m told by recent bestselling pop literature that vampires are really really ridiculously good-looking, so maybe I should keep my options open…

Where’s the

Shirtheads - featuring bahgoesthesheep

It’s bahgoesthesheep

Yes, sheep do go bah, but…
turns out they also have LOTS more to say…

And who could resist the cool cool allure of doing a comic strip about a zombie stuffed bunny army? In fact, I could have done quite a few. Maybe a whole 24 page book. :o) If Jocelyn’s happy with it, I may post another one of my ideas but as a tshirt somewhere down the line if I can find the time.

Anyway, I’ve bleated enough. Here’s the real deal.

How does one overcome an attack from a zombie stuffed bunny army?

Lock and LOAD!! Maybe hope like hell you’re not one of the poor suckas that die, or turn into a zombie thing. Or just develop crazy zombie fighting prowess(xD). Honestly though, everyone would probably die. or want to. Zombie bunnies no joke, super fast super vicious, and one bite turns you

Shirtheads - featuring BigFatRobot

Howdy Bubblers!…

I’m pleased to announce the guinea pig has been put through his paces, and found to be healthy. So, here be the first ‘Official’ shirtheads strip, featuring BigFatRobot

- followed by a brief interview. Enjoy!

The shirt featured is Zombie Waitress. Why do you think zombies are so cool right now?

They’ve always been cool. Afterall, monsters that my gran can outrun are funnier than a clown drowning in an ocean of cream pies. However, we are now getting those uppity new zombies like the ones from “I Am Legend” – fast zombies with rudimentary smarts, like bogans rushing to the bar for Happy Hour priced Jim Beam and Cokes.
(For our non Oz chums reading, bogans are Australian rednecks.)

How much thought goes into your tshirts? Are you just doodling, and going ‘hey, neat!’ or is t

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