A celadore comic - Jams, the Frankenstein

Another productive morning! I love getting up early when I get to have fun like this!

So, much like the Evelyn comic, this is another prequel of sorts. The comic is supposed to show us a little of Jams’s situation, but it also takes place right before the actual Zuda comic

(Have you voted? Go vote! ;o) Whew. One more week and you won’t have to hear that from me again. Yay, you say? YAY I say!

Check out the rough pencilled fun…

A celadore comic - the tooth fairy

Howdy folks!

So, some of you have seen my comic over at zuda yes? No? Go! Look now! Then come back and read this little supplemental addition to my Celadorian world, starring Jeunesse – Ness for short. The Tooth Fairy.

Some people were intrigued about the involvement of the tooth fairy in the story, and this is just to shed a little more light on her role. She’s Celadore’s business partner, basically.

Plus, I decided to leave it at the pencil stage, so you can all see what that looks like before I destroy it with my stiff inking, and soulless colouring. ;o)