Shirtheads - featuring o0OdemocrazyO0o


As well as demonstrating the crazy,
democrazy demonstrates the skills
and you know what happens when
you put the two together… That’s right.

Crazy skills.

Here’s the shirt that inspired the strip.


And putting aside any gross
‘Hit ’em with the old Peebow’ jokes,
here’s the strip. :oD

What would you do with a pot of gold?

ohh i would make my family fiscally safe (i am loosing my job this week due to Fairfax…) and then use it to open peoples mind to the idea that we can change our system of living… y’know… more community less capital less ism more art for a start… kill the whole party voting / fat cats living off being a minister etc…

What would you sell your soul to the devil for?

For Bill Hicks to come back from the dead and star…

Shirtheads - featuring Luckyvegetable

Zombies love brains. Let’s flip open the head of Luckyvegetable
and find ourselves a truly entertaining feed.

This shirt

tickled my funny bone in particular,
with a very obvious joke. ;o)

What would make a better date and why? A zombie, vampire, werewolf or Frankenstein’s monster?

Hmm…I’m thinking that sounds like the start of a great party already! I suppose I should stick to my theory that zombies would make the best lovers..well, the most persistent anyway. All that romantic mindless groaning teamed with the unstoppable undead shuffle….quite a combo, really. Of course, I have been known to keep company with at least one wolf, and I’m told by recent bestselling pop literature that vampires are really really ridiculously good-looking, so maybe I should keep my options open…


Shirtheads - featuring ... caanan?

Monstar: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all other anthropomorphic personifications, my name is Monstar and this is my friend Bunnee
from the hit webcomic aptly titled Monstar
Bunnee: I don’t know if you could describe it as a “hit” webcomic. Unless you’re referring to the one hit we get each day from my mum?
Monstar: Anyhoo…we’re here today because Caanan has injured his back and Shirtheads will be out of action for the next few weeks. So we took it
upon ourselves to step into the breach (of copyright) and take over the Shirtheads strip this week.
Bunnee: How did he injure his back? Did a Predator rip out his spine or did he throw it out “on the job” (wink, wink)?
Monstar: You can ask him yourself, because he’s our very speci

Shirtheads - featuring LilyM

LilyM lurks around corners…

…open arms are her weapon of choice.

I won’t even begin to list the people who could follow in such soft, ready footsteps.

Hugged by a Ninja!

Assuming a world without violence, and assassinations, what else would ninjas be good for?

Due to their overwhelming awesomeness there is probably nothing a ninja couldn’t do. But I believe firstly they would finally make peace with the Pirates and together they would open a chain of highly successful clothing shops called “ARRRH You Being Severed”. The ninja sales assistant appears next to you, silent and deadly, causing you to mess yourself and immediately need new pants.

Who needs a big old hug right now?

I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t like (ok need) a big old hug right now. Everyone who …

Shirtheads - featuring animo

This week’s tshirt that caught my attention

is by animo

So let’s all say ‘hello’ to animo, as she takes her meds… ;o)

This tshirt was inspired by a post in one of the forums here – this post, actually

Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Do you have one now?

No, but my sister had enough for the both of us. She still has one now (in her mid-thirties) which she sends to me when he’s been naughty and lets me know via SMS of his impending arrival. While visiting he would hide himself in the tumble-drier and on a few occasions [because he was not in my imagination, but my sister’s] I didn’t realise and threw in a load of wet socks on warm for half an hour. Luckily imaginary vomit comes off with a light shake.

How did you find the bubble? What made you s

Shirtheads - featuring Superteam: Non-Stop

And we’re back! With interview number 20, no less! A minor milestone.

And what better way to celebrate, than with the aptly named
Superteam: Non-Stop

Whose Wrestle Cat stole the hearts of hundreds in this year’s Comikaze 24 hour challenge.

Read the comic here

Where did Wrestle Cat come from? Where is he going?

He follows the lead of my favourite superheroic animals such as Beppo the
Superchimp and Ace the Bat-Hound from back in the day. I love the idea of Batman putting a mask on a dog and thinking it is a good idea. Fiasco Bombasco had the same idea with his cat due to his love of wrestiling plus of course his taking so many punches to the head.

Fiasco’s dream is for Wrestle Cat to become World Wrestling Champ (pets division). This dream is at odds with Wrestle Cat’s own ambi…

Shirtheads - featuring Liesl Yvette Wilson

It’s not easy to pull off ‘sweet but sinister’…
Unless you’re Liesl Yvette Wilson that is. ;o)

This shirt in particular, and this one

is what inspired me this week, but also the general scampiness of Liesl’s Tullulah.

break out your evil grins folks, and smile with me ;o)

So, what can you tell us about Tullulah? Is she based on anyone? What’s the story? What are the books you’re working on and when/where can we see them?

Hmmmmm….Well as so often is the case, I don’t know where Tullulah came from, she kinda just showed up one day…she didn’t even bring any treats with her, not even a jar of Marmite, Tulluala’s really rude that way…at least Paddington brought his own suitcase. But no, she just landed on me…I’ve had to look after her ever since and it hasn’…

Shirtheads - featuring Ross Robinson

It’s the age old question… quantity or quality?
In the case of Ross Robinson

what happens if you have both?

I had a virtual smorgasbord of designs
to pick from, but this one

screamed to me with a very simple gag, so let’s get to it!

If a robot and a monkey had a child in this day and age, map out that unfortunate love child’s life for us…

I actually think a robot/monkey hybrid would be a very lucky child in this day and age. People love robots; people love monkeys, so a combination of the two would be insanely popular. He would be the cool kid in class, the one who always got picked first when choosing teams and the first one to get laid. Later on, he would be the singer/songwriter/lead guitarist in a kickass insanely popular indie band that never loses its credibility des…

Shirtheads - featuring Simon Sherry

This week’s blockbuster, widescreen, now in technicolour edition of Shirtheads features – dun dun DUN – The Killbots

So grab some popcorn, turn off your mobiles, and get your feet off the seats! do you do that at home?! (Yes sir) as we say ‘howdy’ to Simon Sherry

( Lord of the Aussie comickers’ Pulp Faction group )

Explain the process of Killbots. Where did they come from and how do you make them?

The killbots series pretty much started as an experiment in Adobe Illustrator – I had stumbled on a couple of techniques in the process of working on some other pieces, and as is usually the case, I take that new discovery and get sidetracked!

To be a little more specific, I tend to approach each bot in as freeform a method as possible, just laying down shapes …

Shirtheads - featuring Tambatoys

Tambatoys plays in the sandbox this week!

I have ordered my own print of this tee to wear til it fades, or I rip it on something (I’m too lazy to avoid sharp objects) and I love it! for two reasons… 1. It celebrates a carnival/sideshow industry stalwart and b) because sometimes I feel like I too, am helpless against a higher power.

Whether it’s fate, or the claw, let me go, dammit!

The Claw

What is the attraction of the claw machine?

I will admit I was super in love with these arcade games when I was a kid, and I spent many hours and 20c coins trying to win myself toys. When I was 20 though I remember taking my 7 year-old cousin to the movies and there was a claw machine there she begged me for a $1 to play. I gently explained that they were rigged and a waste of money a…

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