Never shop elsewhere again

I don’t get a lot of time to look around redbubble, I’m always working so much, but when I do, it just reaffirms the fact that I never have to step foot into a store again to buy a tshirt. I can get them all from here.

I’m finding a lot of stuff that is in perfect alignment with my world view, appeals to my sense of humor, my sense of the ridiculous yet poignant. Gone is the try-hard cool factor of most of the tees I see in stores that make me, not only NOT want to buy them, but never set foot in that store again.

The tees here that I tend to like aren’t trying to appeal to everyone, but they’re sure as hell appealing to me.

I can’t wait til I get paid so I can go on my next redbubble shopping spree.

I only hope my avoidance of clothing stores from here on out, doesn’t put me in the position where, one day, I will have tons of tshirts, and no pants, because I forget… where do you buy them?

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