Shirtheads - featuring Superteam: Non-Stop

And we’re back! With interview number 20, no less! A minor milestone.

And what better way to celebrate, than with the aptly named
Superteam: Non-Stop

Whose Wrestle Cat stole the hearts of hundreds in this year’s Comikaze 24 hour challenge.

Read the comic here

Where did Wrestle Cat come from? Where is he going?

He follows the lead of my favourite superheroic animals such as Beppo the
Superchimp and Ace the Bat-Hound from back in the day. I love the idea of Batman putting a mask on a dog and thinking it is a good idea. Fiasco Bombasco had the same idea with his cat due to his love of wrestiling plus of course his taking so many punches to the head.

Fiasco’s dream is for Wrestle Cat to become World Wrestling Champ (pets division). This dream is at odds with Wrestle Cat’s own ambitions of a life full of sleeping, eating and playing with rolled up plastic bags (he likes the sound they make against his paws).

If you could have a knock-down drag out wrestle with someone, who would it be?

I would only wrestle purely for entertainment so I would choose Andre the Giant. Modern professional wrestling is a bit too homoerotic for me to watch comfortably. Instead of characters like George “The Animal” Steele, Rowdy Roddy Piper and The Iron Shiek it’s all oiled down buff pretty men. Homoerotic sports definitely have their place but that place is Football.
A cage match between a bearded pot-bellied cartoonist and the reanimated corpse of Andre the Giant is what we need to have wrestling be interesting again. Did you know Andre the Giant never stopped growing until he died? Imagine if he is still growing!

What inspired you throughout your young life? What are the major tentpole
moments, turning points, or influences, etc. that have made you who you are today?

The earliest turning point I can remember is reading the tiny comic that came with the Super Powers Green Lantern toy I got from Kmart when I was seven years old. It was the first comic I remember reading and it blew my mind that you could tell a story with so many drawings and ended up spending a lot of time doing just that at home with the encouragement of my older brothers. A few years back I met David Dellafiora (aka Field Study) and Glen Smith (aka nofrillsart) through a few art projects and programs and they were instrumental in me getting into action and actually producing and selling my art and comics with their guidance.

And relatively recently, participating in the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge had a huge amount of influence on my work. Drawing and posting comics online daily and getting feedback was fantastic while it lasted and really made me push myself and see what I can do. It was so encouraging being amongst so many talented cartoonists who ended up being my friends.

What’s awesome about comics? Why do you make them?

Comics were such a large part of my upbringing and are still such a part of my life still that it still suprises me when others don’t share that bond. For me they are my main source of entertainment and inspiration well above television, movies and books. It only makes sense to me that if you love something so much that you want to be a part of it and give something back. What isn’t awesome about comics? It’s the easiest form of visual storytelling out there.

How would you survive a zombie invasion?

I think my survival would solely depend on information I have retained from zombie comics and films. Firstly, I would collect my local loved ones and head for the nearest pub. Where does a guy even get guns from in real life? I’m sure one of my friends would know. I bet my dad could make some kick arse weapons! Also, I live in the town of Lara, Victoria. The zombie invasion could have started weeks ago and I wouldn’t have noticed.

What are some of the coolest things that have inspired you this year thus far?

I went to Supanova Perth along with my fellow Monster and Robot members Edward J. Grug III and Jessica McLeod and I had the hugest sensory overload ever. I saw children dressed as superheroes at Supernova, saw Galapogas Tortoises getting fed at the zoo and got to touch a tiny shark and some rays. The whole time just inspired a need to create again and I’m still riding that high. Also, they have totally different icecreams over there! They have Drumsticks but they call them ‘Trumpets’. And remember Memphis Meltdowns? They have them but in different flavours! Plus I drank a bottle of Chilli Cola!

What’s your favouritest tshirt ever?

I had a bright stripey cross colour tshirt which I had for over ten years and only just recently retired and it’s now the cover for a couch cusion in the garage. It looked kinda like what Ernie from Bert and Ernie wears. My current favourites are my bright green TK Longmire shirt with an octopus on it (looking it up I see it’s no longer available) and my red longsleeve Bandit Ghost shirt from my own redbubble store (it makes me feel kinda superheroic).

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever laughed the longest and/or hardest at?

The first thing that comes to mind is the idea of a theme wedding where the couple get married on toilets. To me it’s the ultimate extravagance and if it doesn’t exist somewhere already then surely it will within the next few years.

If you could take a musical outfit and turn them into a gang of superheroes, who would you choose? Who would they become?

The Beastie Boys! They would be superheroes in the vein of Japanese ultra science heroes like Jet Jaguar or Ultraman as they were in the Intergalactic video and in their down time they would be tuxedo wearing smooth movers like in the Sure Shot video.

So, it’s five years from now. What’s been going on?

We are sipping cocktails by a pool on the moon! I build myself a penthouse
apartment out of Golden Girls DVDs shortly after my powers manifested. I got contacted by Prime Minister Emdur and was appointed Minister for Adventure, leading to many excursions to the microscopic planet full of Werewolves and Draculas. Also, I own a new type of pet. It is like an elephant but it fits in the palm of your hand.

Damn. Now I want one of those too!

And can we get a tshirt comp going for the best ‘Emdur for PM’ tshirt? ;oP

Thanks Ive!

And tune in next week, folks, as we get back to our regularly scheduled weekly updates! Who will it be? Even I don’t know.

Oops. There’s something to add to the list for tomorrow… :o[]

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