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Shirtheads - featuring Rhys McDonald

Sometimes I like to pick shirts merely because I’d like to have a go at drawing my own rendition of some funky designs, and I really liked this little guy…

by Rhys McDonald

(I had to resist REALLY HARD to do a strip based on this one ;o)

What do you think the differences are between the lives of someone who’s ugly, and someone who’s beautiful? (By standard definitions of course. It’s all subjective)

I never get whenever you see those gossip rags with the headline ‘celebrities caught without make up’ or something and you look at them and they’re just average joes, no better than the guy over there with the pot belly or the homely woman at the petrol station – if someone is even remotely okay looking they’re instantly distinguished from the rest of us schleps. If you’re only looking at someone at face value you’re selling yourself and them short. Fugly people try harder I think, sometimes. Look at Donald Trump – guy’s got a head like a shoe box yet he’s married to a supermodel, it boggles the mind, I’m sure she didn’t go out with him because he’s funny and does great impressions. Beautiful people are like exotic birds, there to be studied and observed for their vibrant colours and peculiar fashions and often shapely features. It works both ways, look at Steve Buscemi, he’s a sex symbol for god sake. If you’re ugly, offset it – knowledge is sexy, did you know 8 out of every 10 rocket scientists is married to a playboy bunny? No joke.

Uggers be proud, you CAN lead a normal beautiful life, you can!….if not, thats what plastic surgery is for. (if you cant afford that, buy the t shirt)

What kind of robot would you like to see invented?

Crumping, booty dancing ones. I don’t need to explain why….picture it, how hot is that. It’d be like NYC Mech, only better!

What did you want to be when you were 7?

I think when I was seven, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster – because I was clearly grounded in reality and focused on something. I always wanted to be one of those people who said ‘I only ever wanted to draw’ but I think I was 20 before I finally figured out what i wanted to be. I was a strange, solitary child. Who turned into a strange solitary fellow

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn/seen?

My favouritest shirt I’ve ever seen was from the webcomic Dead Days, it was a take off of the old ‘No Fat Chicks’ tshirt that just read ‘Yes Fat Chicks’ it tickled my fancy to no end.

Can you give us the lowdown on the Plastic Age? What’s it about?

The Plastic Age is my webcomic and online home, I started it 3 years ago and there’s currently 193 strips archive. 5 of those are funny.

I started the site in 2005 basically because I was really enjoying drawing and webcomics appealed a great deal to me, I had no idea what I was doing and only in the last 18 months or so have I really taken a look at everything in the broader scope and started to try and polish it, and take it more seriously. It’s basically a collection of gag comics, intending to be funny, with some sting in them, hopefully. I’m working on longform and story driven, I’ve got it in me somewhere – but some irrelevant humour is always top order. 4 panel funnies appeal to me a great deal. And no, I’m not a Buggles fan.

If you could switch the minds and bodies of two people around, who would they be, and what would happen?

Oh man, thats a good one. Actually thats very mid 80’s teen comedy almost. “Eric and Tiffany are two BEST friends, Eric’s home computer fuses out and these two somehow switch bodies because due to 1980’s ignorance about how computers are insanely powerful mysterious machines that control everything. UH OH! Now what will we do!” You know the type of movie where the computers are the size of small sedans and everything is set to synth and keyboards with a dash of day glow neon sweatpants, and they’d have to overcome awkward things like Eric would have to avoid kissing a boy while he’s switched and wacky stuff like that…I kind of want to see that movie now, in my head it’s really vivid and you know in the end Eric and Tiffany learn important life lessons but they can never tell their parents about their ZANY adventure!…or something like that.

Please take us through your creative process. Idea to finished art? Where does it come from? How long does it take? What do you use? etc.

I work pretty much all digitally, I either draw straight into Photoshop or loosely sketch the image(s) and scan it in and ink/colour over the top of that. I have a Cintiq now and I’ve gone completely apesh!t over it and I also use a Mac. That covers the what, don’t ask me what pens or paper to use, besides the wacom i only use a .5mm mechanical pencil. The ideas come from everywhere – what I’m currently reading, what books are on my desk, something I just saw, a name, it generally just sparks and snowballs into something, I’m really easily influenced by things around me and really enjoy certain subjects but I really dig new things too, as they say variety is the spice of life. I’d feel like less of an artist if I didn’t say ‘I draw because I’m compelled to, its all I know how to do’ – which is true, I just never announce it.

The time I take depends on what it is I’m doing, I can sketch up a comic pretty quick now and finish it up in a few hours, but I still revise and re work the hell out of other things. Like, the Hellboy image in my gallery came together in two sittings really easily, because I had a good idea of how it would look. I’m horrible for having a good concept of what something is going to look like, what’s in my head invariably changes when I put pen to paper, usually for the better but I like happy accidents. I spend the most amount of time on colour, because I love that stage more than any other, I don’t always plan an image in my head but I always have colour in mind, one way or the other.

What are you digging right now?

I’m really digging podcasts right now, how cool am I. I can’t seem to get enough of them, Webcomics Weekly have been the flavour of the month, and I just stumbled onto a new one called Sidebar which is pretty good too, actually if anyone is listening to any good podcasts give me some url’s to check out!

What’s the best thing about girls?

What kind of question is this! Thats like asking what’s the best thing about this delicious cheeseburger? Its delicious and that’s the hook.

Girls, you’re awesome. No seriously, you’re rad. You’re also insanely hard to draw (but drawing your girlfriend makes for good foreplay) and a pretty big inspiration to me, I don’t think I could say ‘this is the best thing about girls’ it’s the overall package, and a cute package is something that translates well into a drawing. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say ‘boobs’ somewhere in this answer. If I asked you this question sir, what would your answer be? C’mon, lets just chat about how awesome girls are…

This isn’t about me…

cough… ;o)

Who would you like to see show down in the ultimate wrestling match?

Now you’re talking my lingo. I’d like to see ‘The Real Man’s Man’ Steven Regal Vs Hillybilly Jim – just to see if they cancel each other out, if not I’m sure they could squeeze oranges to make juice in a series of horrible vignettes. Failing your ability to secure and book both those talents I’d like to see Dink the Clown Vs Cheetum the one eyed evil midget – preferably in a light tube match, OR a Taipei Death Match.

I guarantee there’s going to be 4 people googling ‘Cheetum’ and ‘Taipei Death Match’ now.

Thanks Rhys!

For all your entertainment needs, here’s the Plastic Age – Check it out! :o)

(And lastly, for any previous Shirthead victims who wanted to purchase their original art, I have one week left in Australia, then after that it’s gonna be much more expensive to send them out, so… let me know!)


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