Hi guys!

So, I’m back in Melbourne, and Shirtheads was supposed to be posted today, but I have a lot of things to go and take care of this week so Shirtheads will return to its regularly scheduled updates NEXT monday.

I would love to meet any of you Melbourne bubblers out there too now that I’m back. We should organise a tshirt designing jam session or something. Or just go out and get hammered. Or both.




  • Luckyvegetable
    Luckyvegetableover 6 years ago

    Welcome back =)

  • thickblackoutline
    thickblackoutlineover 6 years ago

    oooh!! :)

  • BigFatRobot
    BigFatRobotover 6 years ago

    i thought my monday was strangely empty and void of caananisms. I’m actually moving to melbs in less than 2 weeks – would love to catch up for grog and giggles!

  • Paul McClintock
    Paul McClintockover 6 years ago

    Nice weather to welcome you back, eh.

  • jemimalovesbigted
    jemimalovesbigtedover 6 years ago

    Welcome Back! Glad to be back Down Under?!

  • SPlogos
    SPlogosover 6 years ago

    Agreed to all, welcome back! and we will forgive you….just this once;)

  • mattman
    mattmanover 6 years ago

    agreed. I think you deserve some celebratin’ time mate. It’s pretty damn obvious how much you’ve contributed.

  • gypsycaster
    gypsycasterover 6 years ago

    :( So this is what I get for living on the wrong side of the planet!
    Glad your travels were safe! :D

  • Ive Sorocuk
    Ive Sorocukover 6 years ago

    Welcome back! I’m sure i’ll see you at a comic meet or at Doujicon.