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A celadore comic - Sam

So, here we are rounding out the ‘good guys’ of my Celadore story with Sam, Evelyn’s next door neighbour.

He’s 11. He loves comics, sci fi, fantasy, trainspotting, ninjas, horror. He’s a crazy kid basically, and this story takes place three years before my Zuda comic begins.

This incident will be touched on in the actual Zuda comic and is quite important to the overall story. The blue (I wish I had time to colour it all) berries are called Pogobees. What do they do? What are they for? What happens if you eat too many of them? Time will tell…

This one could have stretched out to three pages easily. But I wanted to keep them all at two. For consistency reasons. :o) I’m anal that way. It did mean cramming a LOT of panels into those two pages, though but I got there… The only thing that might have gotten too small is the second last frame with the map. He writes ‘Akshual treasure’…

All of these two pagers by the way, are first pass, no script, just lay it all down and see what happens artwork. It’s pretty much how I work all the time. If I don’t get it right the first time, I won’t try again. ;o)

Hope you’ve all been enjoying these. And voting! One week to go! I’m so tired…

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