Shirtheads - featuring Simon Sherry

This week’s blockbuster, widescreen, now in technicolour edition of Shirtheads features – dun dun DUN – The Killbots

So grab some popcorn, turn off your mobiles, and get your feet off the seats! do you do that at home?! (Yes sir) as we say ‘howdy’ to Simon Sherry

( Lord of the Aussie comickers’ Pulp Faction group )

Explain the process of Killbots. Where did they come from and how do you make them?

The killbots series pretty much started as an experiment in Adobe Illustrator – I had stumbled on a couple of techniques in the process of working on some other pieces, and as is usually the case, I take that new discovery and get sidetracked!

To be a little more specific, I tend to approach each bot in as freeform a method as possible, just laying down shapes (and sometimes components from previous bots) to see what comes of it. The best example of this would be KB 4 + 4.5 ‘Psiclops and CRABS’, which went through all manner of changes before the version you guys have seen. In fact, CRABS simply started off as kb 4’s jaw, and kind of sprouted from there.

If you could build a robot, what would it be? What would it do?

Aside from helping me conquer the world? Probably make a mean cheesecake,.

Where do you find inspiration?

Cartoons, comics (Mike Mignola, Sam Keith and Ted McKeever, in particular), the army of action figures populating my office, all manner of ‘found objects’ I stumble upon in my internet travels (particularly here on the Bubble), the many and varied cute and strange things my 23-month-old daughter does… I try to make a point of soaking my brain as much as possible with stimulus from the world around me, and let it spew out through my drawing arm in a random fashion. So far it’s worked out pretty well for me :)

What’s your favouritest tshirt you’ve ever worn?

Probably the ‘Fantasy Island’ shirt I picked up for 10 bucks at Dimmeys in Richmond many years ago. It had a great pic of tattoo on it and the airplane from the show on the back. If you’ve never heard of the show, Google it – you won’t be dissapointed ;)

What did you want to be when you were 6 years old?

A paleontologist – although secretly I wanted to be some sort of weird mix of Doctor Who and He-Man.

What took up most of your time growing up?

Drawing, reading, Dungeons & Dragons – all the typical nerdlinger activities.

Is there anything you’ve ever found vastly amusing no-one else has?

Probably the aforementioned Fantasy Island t-shirt and accompanying ‘Tattoo on my chest’ jokes that came with it – there’s a reason that that particular shirt was plentiful in a store like Dimmeys.

What’s the worst thing the internet has to offer?

Endless distraction… and really, really bad YouTube videos.

What have you been proud of most thus far in your life?

My lovely and amazing children. My son Samuel was stillborn in 2004, and while I’ve not got to watch him grow, his memory still inspires and drives me to make the most out of life. My daughter, Olivia, who is an unstoppable juggernaut of cuteness, and our little WIP, soon to be released into the big, wide world. I know it sounds sappy, but truth be told, there’s nothing else that I could acheive that’s going to top them.

How does the world end?

Well, after that robot of mine whips up an awesome baked chocolate cheesecake, the onslaught BEGINS!

Thanks Simon!

And as always, folks, come back next week for a new victim. maniacal laughter


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