summer was... by byzantinehalo Haiku cyclamen’s / perfume assails my senses / layering pink folds. / * weaving a purposeful thread from your past / entangled / compromised Haiku no wind to disturb / a cloud obscured moon / midnight silent. / * Haiku dark sky / the moon is on its way round / America tonight. / * no moors for this little native by byzantinehalo Haiku pink camellia / buds upturned to the sun / butterfly’s rest. / * Haiku friendship / a strange state of being / tell me who you are. / * Haiku silk kimonos / rustle with each step into / fading cherry leaves. / * cupid, was playing… only those with no limbs / just feathered wings / know. no strings Atonement / for all our days / forever / Propitiation / who can grasp / fully / the intent / of this / gift? / * Haiku life’s constant- / change, always happening / not always welcome. / * impasse fantasy / sleeps / her / eyes / closed / ignoring / pleas / to / fulfill / her / promises / of / relief / from / life’s / monotony / … the stark of too much… overpowered by / the fright of Haiku gently falling / midnight rain becomes / a prayer. / * Haiku +1 inspired / ten tiny fingers painting / her rainbow mess. / I saw your fingers / dancing across the paper / tiny efficient fingers / inspir… in search of you inside your insides / where you beat / in time / with your heart / concealed / and vulnerable / unprotected / between organs / bone and fle… the tangle of a rainy day... by byzantinehalo dreamy green by byzantinehalo fold over red fold by byzantinehalo Haiku lifeless leaves / decompose among the soil / spring’s fecundity. Haiku wired birds / silhouetted in sunset / await the night sky. / Inspired by the beautiful work of Desiree Salas / birds like sunsets too Haiku three quarter moon / staring back from deep dark space / month of April Haiku overcast evening / moss rose petals close early / on a bird’s night song put your best dress on for the last dance... by byzantinehalo open-ended ballad/an expose of human nature what made you think / hurting someone the wedding of pink and petals by byzantinehalo verse of encroachment by byzantinehalo at the going down of the sun (borrowed words) by byzantinehalo no legitimate title I wonder / if the letting of history / mine - / will be like essence of blood / charting disturbing words / out of my lungs / non-prevari… Haiku golden Autumn sun / spreading across the window / dappled leaves dancing Haiku daylight flickering / autumn shrinks the length of days / shadows on the path early one morning a cycle of rhythmic reproduction in progress Haiku Easter / * / death has no power / the Saviour of the world lives / salvation goes on. Haiku are words ever lost / or do they drift the cosmos / unseen stars in flight contentment by byzantinehalo bend in the road by byzantinehalo Haiku and there in your eyes / are the memories we made / crystal clarity painted in morning mist by byzantinehalo flutter by by byzantinehalo charmed by the burst of first light... by byzantinehalo give me a little love wont ya... by byzantinehalo remebering spring by byzantinehalo delight in light by byzantinehalo Haiku all the earth follows / day into night, tight cycles / continual change Haiku Immanuel / * / the hope of peace waits / on the Messiah’s return / all the earth will see. angels watching by byzantinehalo Haiku enlightenment / * / star of Bethlehem / points the way, Angelic hosts / lead; wise men follow Haiku anticipation / * / counting down the days / gifts pile up under the tree / how many sleeps now? don't it make my brown eyes blue by byzantinehalo dry sticks by byzantinehalo heading east by byzantinehalo a rose by any other name, Mr. Shakespere by byzantinehalo ausie blue by byzantinehalo Haiku last light losing ground / heaven from earth dividing / into sharp contrast. losing light by byzantinehalo the first stage of production... ;) by byzantinehalo do the Angels watch sunsets too? by byzantinehalo Haiku I hear soft whispers / tree tops hushed calls in the wind, / leafy boughs sighing. Haiku as midnight draws near / hands ride the clock face secure / in spring’s dark of night. another Northern Hemisphere Haiku heavy dew drops drip / from the last faded flower / melancholy loss. Haiku creation and birth / caught in the stretch and tearing / a flower’s short life. fiery glow by byzantinehalo Haiku dreamer / * / head tossed, mane flowing / with grace those fluid muscles / race against the wind. Haiku Halloween / * / the dark kiss of dusk / touches each petal before / color bleeds to black. Haiku Origami / * / interwoven red / petals fold on fold hugging / each other in place. you are my sunshine by byzantinehalo Haiku the essence of spring / new leaves dancing in the breeze / bursting with color. shy baby by byzantinehalo the Haiku of a tree by byzantinehalo leafe me up, Scotty ;) by byzantinehalo perfect (lazy leaf) afternoon by byzantinehalo October 8th undeserved / unrestrained / pure Haiku wispy threads of thought / tangled like vines in the mind, / look for the exit. the weight of water by byzantinehalo Haiku an angelic touch comes with the first morning dew, awaiting the sun. promise of summer  by byzantinehalo lazy days and Mondays by byzantinehalo sticky notes… note to self: / don’t trust me / i’m not always honest how green are the hills... by byzantinehalo
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