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People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden.

Funny, really fucking funny. I don’t even look like Brad Pitt.

No-one ever asks me how I fell into this line of work.

It was because of Dimitri.

He gave me this job. He recognised my talents and my tastes, and especially my ability to keep my fuckin’ mouth shut.

The thing is that the crime syndicate does a whole lot more than just run illegal activities in New Hope City. They also fake smaller “crimes” that the cops can solve so that their statistics look good. A city with no arrests would be a tad suspicious, so the syndicate organises for people to take a fall every now and then for a few staged crimes.

That’s how Dimitri got me.

I agreed to be “set-up” for a faked car-theft racket and I got 5 years easy time for admitting my “guilt”. The cops were happy – after all they had busted this B-I-G racket. The Syndicate were happy because it took the attention off them. And I was happy because Dimitri gave me 50-grand each year to take the rap.

When I got out he offered me this gig. Be their Enforcer, clean up after other people’s mistakes, keep the syndicate out of the papers. It sure beats flipping ’burgers.

Its a win-win situation. I get to be nasty to fuckwits who deserve it, and the syndicate gives me a nice little income.

They could pay me more, but frankly after 10 years – everyone in New Hope knows the score and has enough sense not to do anything that requires my “special” attention, so generally I don’t have to work too hard.

Tonight is a bit of an exception.

The cops know what I do, but to uncover me would mean alerting the media to the major crimes in New Hope [not to mention their own corruption], and the politicians just wont let that happen.

I keep things quiet, and stable. Just the way the syndicate likes it. Everyone knows their place, and knows not to rock the boat, that way we all get to share in the fun.

Honestly, New Hope City runs better with the Syndicate in charge than it ever would with politicians running the show. At least this way we have a better class of criminal in charge.

Still, from time to time, like tonight, I gotta get heavy.

Dimitri O’Reilly, half Japanese, half Mexican. Go figure.

Dimitri is a man of extra-ordinary vision. He understands that a good enterprise should be about long-term sustainability and customer care.

And of course… lots of drugs.

Dimitri owns New Hope Tower in Eagle Street. The first three floors are a legitimate staff recruitment agency.

You want a job in New Hope? – you go to New Hope Recruitment.

You want drugs? – you go to the same place.

Dimitri’s reasoning is that if you want drugs, you damn well better be able to pay for them. So the recruitment agency gets you a job, garnishes your wages, and gives you a regular supply of clean, pure product.

Product comes from floors 4-20 of New Hope Towers. Its all made onsite, and distributed by Panther’s fleet of taxi’s.

Dimitri lives on the top floor, of course.

“Hiya Imogen…”

“Good afternoon Tyler, Mr O’Reilly is expecting you, go on in.”

Imogen is Dimitri’s Personal Assistant. I never have to call first. She has seen me on the security cameras and told Dimitri I was here. He always sees me straight away – I never have to wait.

Its not like I drop by for a chat and a coffee.

“Good afternoon Mr O’Reilly, thank you for seeing me at such short notice, we have a situation that needs your attention.” It pays to be polite and to the point with Dimitri.

“Tyler, come on in, take a seat. Surely after all this time you can call me Dimitri!”
I know he doesn’t mean it. “Short black espresso?” he asks.

“Thanks, I would appreciate that.” I replied.

I told Dimitri about Miss Big Tits.

I told him about the kid.

I told him about the guy in the hotel room.

Dimitri told me that he was not happy about these things.

I told him that I would take care of it, but I don’t need to tell him – he knows I will.

Twenty minutes later I am back in the elevator heading for the basement again.

As serious as Dimitri is, he has a dark sense of humour… “the Girl from Ipanema” is playing over on elevator’s muzak when Imogen’s voice comes over the speaker “Level 18… men’s wear, sportswear, hats, crystal meth…”

Real funny Dimitri… crystal meth is on floors 9-12.

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Artemis Jones is a “Cleaner” for the crime bosses of New Hope City.

Think Film-Noir meets Sam Peckinpah.

Warning: Adult Content & Graphic Violence

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