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Recent changes to US Copyright Law have now allowed for the inclusion of a new set of exemptions to copyright.


It seems, from reading suumaries of Ministerial Documents from the UK, Australia, France, and Canada, that these new Exemptions will be implemented into International Law any day now…

I have listed these new exemptions below.

Following each new exemption I have included a brief summary explaining why these new exemptions now apply.


New Exemption #1:
“Well everyone else is doing it”
Reason why this is an Exemption to Copyright:
Because the person using this excuse is a fucking idiot!

New Exemption #2:
“I’m not selling it, so who am I hurting”
Reason why this is an Exemption to Copyright:
Because the person using this excuse is a fucking idiot!



Warning… I’m fucking pissed off about copyright infringers, and this little rant contains some rude words…


… like “fuck” (often), and “shit” (once or twice) … but I don’t think I used the “c” word …


Recently there was a legal case in Belgium which once again supported the rights of artists and shows that Copyright Law still applies.

Luc Tuymans painted his version of a photograph – without first getting permission from the copyright owner of the photograph.


(Katrijn van Giel’s original photograph of Jean Marie Dedecker)


This is something he does quite oft…


For quick and easy reference, here is the RedBubble User Agreement:


click here to go to the original document


User Agreement



Redbubble is about celebrating creativity. We encourage you to be involved in every aspect of Redbubble – display art, give feedback, write reviews, participate in forums, team up with other members to collaborate on projects, and talk to each other.

To make this online destination for creativity available, it is essential all Redbubble users respect the intellectual property rights of others, including copyright and trademarks. You must only upload content you have created yourself and have permission to use and authorize others to use. If you are a customer or browser, please respect the copyright and trademarks of all the w…


For quick easy reference, here is a copy of the RedBubble Intellectual Property Policy.


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Redbubble IP/Publicity Rights Policy

Intellectual Property and Publicity Rights

Notice and Takedown Procedure – Reports and Complaints

If Your Work Has Been Included in a Notice and Takedown Report

Filing a Counter Notice


Intellectual Property and Publicity Rights

Redbubble is a community built on respect and recognition of artists. We ask, rather we beg, that you remember this when you are posting work on Redbubble. If you make sure that all the works you upload consist of your very own, original ideas and are not infringing on the intellectual property or publicity rights of another, you will help us foster the supportive and cr…

Its a merry old Xmas...

Well, hello there!

Its been a pretty good year so far. Sold 22 items this year, 4x t-shirts in the last month alone.

I quite like the way this one came out, and its funny, Its a fairly narrow market for this one, since only serious Trekkies are gonna get the joke, but who cares, I get it, I like it…

But the most popular item ever has been this cute little sticker… which again, being a lover of obscure pop-culture references… will probably only appeal to people who really love Pink Floyd… I’ve sold 13 of these darned things… I shoulda put a serious profit margin on them…. oh well

Views are up, of course, and as always my Journals get more views than my artwork… who knew that angry/funny/sarcastic, or helpfull was more popular than grainy …

Welcome to RedBubble!

Welcome to RedBubble!

You’re just gonna love this place [everyone does!] Its full of amazing artists, and even more amazing artwork.

To get noticed and to get people viewing your work, … you have to let people know you are here. The best way is to jump into the community/social world of RedBubble. Join Groups that you like and be an active Group Member, checkout other people’s work and leave comments, Favourite images that you like [the artist will be told that you have Favourited their work], add your favourite artists to your Watchlist [again, those artists will be told that you are “watching” them to see any new work they upload].

And of course… keep uploading your best work!

To really be noticed in RedBubble takes time and effort, there are a LOT of…


This is the second Tutorial about finding and doing stuff in the New Shiny RedBubble!





I admit this one had me stumped for a while, until someone explained it to me…

At the top right of any page you will see the word SHOP with a little down arrow next to it. Logic tells you that this is a drop-down menu… but just like the ACTIVITY drop-down menu on our Homepage – it is also a text link.

  1. yeah go on, you know you wanna… click on it.
    1. This will take you to a very cool new page that kinda replaces the old EXPLORE & COMMUNITY pages.
  2. You can do all sorts of stuff in this new SHOP Page, but for now, scroll down towards the bottom of this new page.
  3. Near the end of the left column you will see the headin


Mostly because I am getting tired of writing the same thing over and over, here is the first in a series of “how to” tutorials about ummm … errr… how to find your way around the shiny new RedBubble Site.


Number 1 with a bullet seems to be Finding the Activity Page!





  1. Click on the shiny new red logo in the top left of any page.
    1. This will take you to the new-look Homepage / MyBubble Page.
  2. Down a bit on the right side you will see three text-links:
    1. FOUND
  3. ACTIVITY has two functions… it is a text-link and it activates a drop-down menu.
  4. Move your mouse over ACTIVITY and the drop-down menu appears [its magic!]
  5. From this drop-down menu you can select what sort of activity you want to view.