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Its a merry old Xmas...

Well, hello there!

Its been a pretty good year so far. Sold 22 items this year, 4x t-shirts in the last month alone.

I quite like the way this one came out, and its funny, Its a fairly narrow market for this one, since only serious Trekkies are gonna get the joke, but who cares, I get it, I like it…

But the most popular item ever has been this cute little sticker… which again, being a lover of obscure pop-culture references… will probably only appeal to people who really love Pink Floyd… I’ve sold 13 of these darned things… I shoulda put a serious profit margin on them…. oh well

Views are up, of course, and as always my Journals get more views than my artwork… who knew that angry/funny/sarcastic, or helpfull was more popular than grainy arty B&W photos?

Geez Louise!!, fuck me sideways with a cucumber, Really?!, I can show you how…

Yeah, all I need is THAT and a pencil and paper and I’m a hit! Mum would be so proud of all the money I wasted on cameras and film…

Speaking of Journals, the 4 Journals about Copyright & DMCA continue to be as popular as ever, but the top most popular Journals have been and continue to be:

How to post images of variable size. – 5516 views
Basic Photographic composition. – 5116 views
How to make Sales – 4934 views.
How to Expose your images correctly. – 3855 views.
T-Shirt Colour Chart. – 2892 views.

That’s a tad more than 20,000 people who have read just those 5x things. Very gratifying.

Personally, my favourites are the one about “Why hollywood gives me the shits”, and “why i’m not jealous about a crap photo that some dude sold for like $4mill….” I think they are both hilarious, if I do say so myself.

View-wise… Journals – 89,668 views, Artwork – 83,573 views. (in case you were curious)

… which you probly weren’t.

I like to use “probly” instead of “probably”, – so just get over it.

The more astute of you may have noticed that I have’t done any links to anything in this Journal… get over that too, I really couldn’t be arsed tonight.

… I’ll probably fix them up later…

Sales are up this year by almost 50%, which seems to be a fairly steady and regular increase each year over the previous year ever since I started. I can’t wait to see someone in the street wearing one of my t-shirts, but since I have only sold like 40x shirts, and the population of the planet is nudging 999 billion gazillion trillion , then my chance of running into one of shirts one day is about the same chance as getting a cold Long Island Ice Tea in Satan’s Waiting-Room.

You all could, of course, do your bit to improve those odds, but I am not given to blatant or gratuitous self-promotion so





I don’t know how that happend, my typing is just not as accurate as it used to be and sometimes I just make the strangest typos…

Anyway, its been a fun year. I don’t work shift work anymore, I don’t work emergency anymore, and now have a good but hectic job in I.T. Support. Less hours, more days, no nights… its win-win really.

Have a fun Xmas, if thats your thing, if its not… bah humbug!


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