Mostly because I am getting tired of writing the same thing over and over, here is the first in a series of “how to” tutorials about ummm … errr… how to find your way around the shiny new RedBubble Site.


Number 1 with a bullet seems to be Finding the Activity Page!





  1. Click on the shiny new red logo in the top left of any page.
    1. This will take you to the new-look Homepage / MyBubble Page.
  2. Down a bit on the right side you will see three text-links:
    1. FOUND
  3. ACTIVITY has two functions… it is a text-link and it activates a drop-down menu.
  4. Move your mouse over ACTIVITY and the drop-down menu appears [its magic!]
  5. From this drop-down menu you can select what sort of activity you want to view.





As I said ealier, ACTIVITY is also a text-link…

  1. If you click on ACTIVITY you will go to your Default Activity Page.
  2. notice now that there is a small grey cog/gear symbol under the ACTIVITY link on this page?
  3. yeah, you guessed it! … click on that symbol.
    1. now your default set-up window appears.
  4. select the options that you want to see in your Default Activity Page
  5. click on SAVE, and presto change-o your default activity page is set-up! Now every time you click on the ACTIVITY link you will see exactly what you want to see!

cool innit?

More cool tutorials about RB are on their way, or if there is anything you want to know, post me a comment and I will write a Tutorial for that also!



  • Corri Gryting Gutzman
    Corri Gryting ...over 2 years ago

    Thanks, Byron.
    The cog thingy is kind of cool.
    It seems to have different uses in different places.

    I found where to get the Sales History at (now under “Account Details”…“Order History” shows your own orders, and “Sales History” shows history of sales.) But…do you know of a place to get a list of payments vs. sales?

  • yeah, the cog thingy is very Gears of War [if you are into XBOX Games].

    There is still no place to see a list of payments vs sales, and I suspect that the reason for this is:

    1. We should keep our own records…. as any other business would do, and
    2. There is no dollar return on their investment if RedBubble pay to have that facility integrated into the site.

    Basically, If you sell TV’s, then Panasonic/Sharp/LG [etc] is not going to do your account reconciliation for you, so why should RedBubble.

    I think that is fair enough. RB do provide us with all the paperwork we need to do our own accounting… 5 minutes in excel and your problem is solved.

    – BYRON

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brownover 2 years ago

    Pity we can’t set the Default Activity Page as our home page if we want to :o(

  • yeah, that was a bit of a surprise too… Still, it is only two clicks away from anywhere in RedBubble – that is pretty cool!

    … but there is a way to bypass the issue …

    Set-up links in your Internet Browser’s “Favourites Toolbar” to all your favourite RB Pages…

    This is how mine is set-up for IE8:

    Most other Browsers have a similar functionality!

    – BYRON

  • artisandelimage
    artisandelimageover 2 years ago

    thank you, but I still do not like what they did ! less community and more complications… but above all, dramatic drop in views and comments ! therefore, what are the benefits for us users on a daily basis ?
    my best, francis

  • Hiya Francis,

    The drop in activity is normal every time RB do a new site upgrade… probably because everyone is spending so much time learning the new site. The important thing is that it is not permanent, and after a couple of weeks activity actually increases beyond what it was previously… because everyone has been looking around the site trying to get used to it.

    Sales also increase after new site upgrades… but you have to give it a few weeks.

    – BYRON

  • billyboy
    billyboyover 2 years ago

    What works for me is…
    - Set the way you want your custom activity feed page to work… choose options.
    - Go to the page by clicking Actvity
    - Fave that page in your web browser and make sure it stays near the top of your faves so you can easily access it any time you click on your web bookmarks. This way you can go right to your activity feed even if you`re not in RB !!
    Piece of cake.

  • Yep, that is exactly what I do Billy!

    – BYRON

  • © Pauline Wherrell
    © Pauline Wher...over 2 years ago

    Byron, I think the answer is no but can we see who has"liked" our works or pages from FB?

  • Not that I am aware of Pauline, however I do know that you can embed “Activity/Traffic Counters” which will tell you that and a whole lot more too.

    How to do it I am not sure.

    – BYRON

  • JanT
    JanTover 2 years ago

    Nice work, Byron.

  • Thanx Jan.

    – BYRON

  • Cindy Schnackel
    Cindy Schnackelover 2 years ago

    Very helpful! I had found most everything already but if anyone asks me, I will send them here! BTW your tutorial telling where the buyers booth went, I had not even thought about that til you mentioned it, thanks, I would not likely have known where that went!

  • Thanx Cindy!

    – BYRON

  • ShootingStars8
    ShootingStars8over 2 years ago

    Thanks that really helped. I removed all checks to see what happens and put the check marks back one by one and POW!

  • Yeah, its a great way to set-up your Default Activity Page!

    – BYRON

  • berndt2
    berndt2over 2 years ago

    I don’t see how the RB changes make my / our life easier, better, or more awesome, but thanks for helping with the navigation. I have a question : Does Redbubble still have a homepage? One that’s accessible once you’re logged in, I mean? All I seem to get is my own personal watchlist, But where’s the ability to see what people I’m NOT watching are doing? I’m under no illusion that I’m a very small cog in a massive machine… but why is the massive machine seemingly no longer making it easy to see what’s going on?

  • The Homepage is our new Homepage/MyBubble. It was crazy to support two pages which were not getting a lot of cross-traffic… members rarely went to the Homepage, and visitors of course never saw our MyBubble pages… solution? – combine the two.

    If you want to see what other people are doing… click on the SHOP text-link at the top right of any page.

    The SHOP Page is the new EXPLORE/COMMUNITY Page.

    I think that RB have actually made it much easier to see what is going on… Your Activity Page is only two links from anywhere in RedBubble. The SHOP page is accessible from anywhere. The General Discussion Forum is no more than two clicks from anywhere.

    You just have to give it time in order to get used to the changes…

    – BYRON

  • kalaryder
    kalaryderover 2 years ago

    Thanks for the default setting of the activity page, I had not found that little symbol :)

    Agree with Francis about the drop of activity – hope it picks up soon

  • The drop in activity happens every time there is a site upgrade – due to everyone spending time getting used to the new site. after a couple of weeks or so, activity actually increases to a level higher than before the site upgrade … overall for the site that is.

    Sales tend to increase after site upgrades too.

    – BYRON