Dumb and Meaningless Statistix...

Latest view count:

ART: 19745
TEES: 20946
WRITING: 15548
TOTAL: 94972


Not long to go until I break the magic 100k!

Interestingly… I am more well known for my Journals + Written Work than I am for my Photography + T-shirts.

Boy I am soooo glad I spent all those thousands and thousands of dollars on cameras and film and lenses, and filters, and stuff, when all I really needed to buy was a pen and some paper – and just write stuff…


  • George Swann
    George Swannalmost 3 years ago

    Multitudinous views + Multitudinous dollars = ?

  • you would like to think so. Unfortuneatly you can not sell Journals and Written Works.

    I have sold about 16 t-shirts in 3 years tho’.

    – BYRON

  • Wendy Brusca
    Wendy Bruscaalmost 3 years ago

    Well I, for one find your journals highly informative, Byron. :) And I thank you for them!

  • Thanks Wendy!

    – BYRON

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstonealmost 3 years ago

    Your journals and writing are clearly hitting the spot!!

  • Yeah, but I just want to sell one photo…

    – BYRON

  • Ginny Schmidt
    Ginny Schmidtalmost 3 years ago

    Well, I always figured view count was relative, no not because you can talk your relatives into looking. I enjoy keeping an eye on my count, just to see if people are looking, What is more significant, I think, than the total count is the average view per piece in your portfolio. I have a lot of views and a lot more pictures up than you, and, whereas you are averaging over 400 views per image in your portfolio, my images are averaging only a little over 200. So I would say that, even if other people have lots more views, you are doing better than most in that department. You would not have spent Ks of $ on lenses and filters and stuff if you didn’t enjoy photography, so keep on enjoying what you do, and maybe put up a lot more pics.

    Last time I posted a journal entry on view counts, some of the reaction suggested that looking for validation in such statistics was silly, but hey, it is information that RB makes available, and my curiosity gets the better of me. I post what I post not for the count, or even for the sales, but because I enjoy doing it … however, I do get a huge kick out of knowing that people ARE looking. For the first six decades of my life I had no idea that my artwork would ever be made available for people all over the world to see … and then the internet happened, and here I am. My thanks to redbubble, and to people like you who generously share your knowledge and expertise in your extremely helpful writings.

  • Yeah, I think that the average “views per image” is a more accurate representation of things.

    I could probably get more views if I had more images in my portfolio, but my camera is dead – so I just have to wait until I can afford a new one.

    – BYRON