Unfortuneatly I don’t know who the lovely person was who bought it… hopefully they will put it in the Buyer’s Booth.

This has been an amazing month for me sales-wise. I don’t sell a lot of stuff – its not really why I am here, and in 3 years I have only sold about 16 or 17 things.

I’m not exactly supporting RB’s finances, huh?

But in the last month I have sold 3 t-shirts and a sticker… which is the highest monthly sales I have ever had!

Not enough to retire on just yet! heh heh heh

As it is for most of us… sales of any product just makes me so stupidly happy.

As an artist [even one who makes cheap and silly “slogan” t-shirts] it is deeply validating that someone likes my work enough that they are prepared to spend their own hard-earned money to buy it, and even cooler that they would wear it.

I swear that the day I see someone in one of my shirts I am gonna wet myself and scream like a little girl.

ewww, that sounded funnier inside my head!



  • vampvamp
    vampvampabout 3 years ago

    best poo ever!

  • better than “crap onna canape” or a “dead dog’s ashes!”

    – BYRON

  • Camo2
    Camo2about 3 years ago

    Glad someone is selling something! :) well done!

  • thanx Cameron

    – BYRON

  • April Jarocka
    April Jarockaabout 3 years ago

    Well congratulations to you!!! Is that what we do here announce our sales? I guess it’s a good idea as it tells everyone that this RB baby is working. I sold a mounted print and cards recently. There I said it.

  • Thanx April!

    I think its a great idea for members to tell everyone when they sell stuff.

    – BYRON

  • AlisonJohnston
    AlisonJohnstonabout 3 years ago

    That’s cool Byron, excellent :)

  • thanx Alison

    – BYRON

  • Steven  Austin
    Steven Austinabout 3 years ago

    Well done Byron, keep at it mate. You’ll find that you will stumble upon one design that will just click with whoever sees it and that one will keep selling. I have two out of about 50 shirts that sell on a regular basis. The rest, odd ones here and there. One of the two designs that sell most regularly make up around 75% of my overall sales.
    I think the secret is to keep adding stuff – which you do anyway – as this keeps your profile raised.

    I’ve yet to see anybody in one of my shirts either but agree with your sentiments entirely should I ever – and by the way, it was pretty funny on paper too, made me giggle – like a little girl.
  • Thanx Ausven.

    This is my equal most popular shirt. [sold 3x]

    – BYRON

  • joak
    joakabout 3 years ago

    well done mate am sure ye will sell hunners this year the bankin crisis is

  • Yeah Joak, 25,000x more sales and I can buy the Hasselblad H4D60 that I have always wanted.

    – BYRON

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneabout 3 years ago

    That title is just TOO much information….LOL! Congrats on the sale though!

  • Thanx Mel!

    – BYRON

  • Diana-Lee Saville
    Diana-Lee Savilleabout 3 years ago

    Congrats :)) It’s an awesome feeling

  • Thanx Diana-Lee.

    – BYRON

  • Colleen Milburn
    Colleen Milburnabout 3 years ago

    Woohoooo, Byron – yeah!!! You certainly have a way with words ;D

  • Thanx Colleen!

    – BYRON

  • RPGesus
    RPGesusabout 3 years ago

    stands and claps

  • takes a bow

    – BYRON