All the pretty toys which I use to create my art:


Konica Minolta Dynax 7D Digital SLR + Vertical Grip.

THE Minolta Dynax 9 Professional 35mm SLR + Vertical Grip.

Minolta Maxxum 7000 35mm SLR (2x).

Bronica ETRSii 645 medium format (6×4.5cm)


  1. Carl Zeiss 50mm fixed lens (Bronica)
  2. Sigma 17-35mm lens.
  3. Minolta 35-70mm lens.
  4. Minolta 70-300mm lens.


  1. Polariser, UV/Skylight, and 25A Red Filters.
  2. 2x Extender, 3x Extension Tubes.
  3. Manfroto Tripod with pan/tilt head.

Flash Gun:

Minolta 5600HS(D) (1/12,000 sync)


Pelican 1510 “Carry-on”.

Computer Systems / Digital Storeage Device:

ACER “Aspire” 17inch Widescreen Laptop.

eMachines 10inch Netbook.

Vosonic 120gig PSD.


Picassa Photo Management Software.

GIMP Image Editing / Post-Production Software.


  • Victor Bezrukov
    Victor Bezrukovabout 4 years ago

    bronica is my favorite here !
    for image editing i prefer Lightroom – just in love with last one

  • I love my Bronie too…. now if I could only find a negative scanner that fits 120 roll film.

    – BYRON

  • George Swann
    George Swannabout 4 years ago

    No wonder the ladies drool over you Byron with equipment like that, that is wonderful collection you have, and not a C or N in sight. As Wallace would say Cracking stuff!

  • “C or N” ? – Compact or ? what’s an “N”?

    – BYRON

  • DragonFlyer
    DragonFlyerabout 4 years ago

    Ummmm Byron – is someone paying you to advertise these droolable bits of high tech goodies?
    So – this is what you came up with after your old Minolta died?
    Fanbloodytastic :)))

  • These are all my toys. The first one is my KM 7D which is now dead, so I now use the KM D9 & the Bronica.

    They were on my Profile Page, but it was getting a bit messy, so I moved them all to their own journal.

    – BYRON

  • DragonFlyer
    DragonFlyerabout 4 years ago

    Well – WOW! Simply superb! Though – I couldn’t live without my 27" super-charged iMac with 12GB of RAM + my PS CS5….
    I do so love the look of film though… BUT – in my situation I’d be limited to using processing labs and that would drive me crazy…..

  • stephaniemwood
    stephaniemwoodabout 4 years ago

    That’s quite an impressive list!

  • Hey, I just like nice gear, the K/M D9 FLSR is the real king of that bunch, its one of the top 3 best Pro SLRs ever made. It is freaking awesome!

    – BYRON

  • George Swann
    George Swannabout 4 years ago

    Canon, Nikon.

  • aaahm I see..

    I just like Konica Minolta… shame they don’t make SLRs anymore [well they do, they are called SONY now]

    – BYRON

  • Marion  Cullen
    Marion Cullenabout 4 years ago

    That’s some pretty cool kit you got there Byron, and you know just how to use it ;)

  • I wont feel complete until I have a 8×10 view camera.

    – BYRON

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchellalmost 4 years ago

    If you can feel dampness on your monitor, it’s me, drooling. Great kit.