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50 Things you didn't know about: Byron

Look, its late [0240am], I am trying to stay awake, and I thought this might be a bit of fun…

1. What is Your Favorite Hobby?
Generally – sleeping. I adore sleeping.
But anything creative really, the medium is not that important.

Oh, and computers.

I do love writing.

2. How Old were you when you left School?
I was six, but I came back again the next day.

I was 18, nearly 19.

I had to repeat year-1 when I was 5 years old. Even though I could read fluently at a level above everyone else. It was an age thing.

3. What was your first Pet?
A little black cat called Sooty Bandana.

4. If you were a Fruit ,what kind would you be?
Any sort of stone fruit, I guess.

5. If you were a Drink, what kind would you be?

Because Bruce Lee said I should be.

6. Have you ever Won a Prize?
Only collectively, – my High School Madrigal Choir won the Queensland State Finals for best vocal group. We were very good.

I did win the “Party Animal” award for our tour bus trip to Thredbo Ski fields a long time ago…

who knew: Aspie + Alcohol = Neuro Typical

7. What is your Favorite Food?
I adore bread, but my favouritest food would be cold corned beef with cheese and mayonaise on cold un-buttered toast, for breakfast. There is nothing else that comes close.

For dinner – Sausages, mashed potato, onion gravy and peas.

8. If you Ruled the World, what would be your First Words?
You woke me up for that?!

9. What is your Favorite Film?
Kodak Hi-Speed Infra Red B&W, or Kodak Hi-Speed 6400 B&W.

Oh, sorry… you mean “film” as in “movie”. My mistake!

This is difficult, I watch a lot of movies. My record is 75 films in one week.

At the moment, probably “Fight Club”.

But I have a special place for Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, and “Lawrence of Arabia”.

10. If everyone was born without the unhappy Gene, would you be happy about this?
No. everyone happy would be boring. Conflict is good. And if I was happy all the time I would never have written all the music that I wrote.

11. If you were the Opposite Sex which celebrity would you be?
Julia Roberts. She is odd looking, but interesting, and seems very real, or Sandra Bullock for much the same reasons.

12. If you could Time Travel, what Time would you go to?
2350hrs Friday 12th August 1966, so I can tell my parents that I turn out ok, despite everything.

13. What is your Favorite Flower or Plant?
A Rose, red only.

14. What is your Favorite Name?
Genevieve, but only with the French pronunciation.

15. If you won the Lottery what would you buy?
$20million? Easy. Its the same dream I have had since I was about 8 years old.

A large amount of land in the hills in the country, build a self sustainable house and small farm for food, and then stop all contact with the outside world. You would never hear from me again. Except on RedBubble, of course.

I crave isolation from people, like most people crave contact.

16. What would you put on your Headstone?
“Oi, your standing on my nuts!”

17. If you had a choice of any Art Work from Red Bubble, who/what would it be?


18. Dinner with Five: Who would they be?
- Christopher Walken
- Beethoven
- Dalai Llama
- Clint Eastwood
- Rowan Atkinson

Talent, Music, Philosophy, experience, and humour. And I suspect a lot of shouting… unless Ludwig’s got a hearing aid.

Allthough Rowan might not be good for that mix…

19. If you were a Recipe what would you be?
Pan-fried King Prawns on rice, with a Sauce made from coconut milk, grated garlic, chilli & ginger, sprinkled with fresh coriander.

I invented it, and I am famous for it.

20. What is your Favorite Art Medium?
Photography because I love instant gratification, but I prefer Post-Production work.

21. Who is your Favorite Artist?
Beethoven, hands down, the greatest artist of all time.

But if you mean visual-artist. I really admire and respect the work of Andres Serrano. His work is very visceral and makes me have quite strong reactions. He is also technically very good.

I don’t really like Ansel Adams or any of the Weston family’s work. [believe it or not]

22. Name the One place you would Love to Visit?
Afghanistan. Great landscapes, awesome architecture, fabulous looking people.

But I dream of visiting the lost city of Petra.

23. Do you prefer Daytime or Nightime?
Without a doubt night-time. I usually go to bed around 0300am.

I adore sleeping during the day. 20years of shiftwork will do that to you.

Besides, really interesting things happen at night. And its quieter, and there are no people around to annoy me.

24. What is the funniest Typo you have typed?
I don’t really make typos… I type for a living, and I am quite obsessive about making it look right. My favourite key is the Backspace key.

25. What is your Earliest Memory?
Sydney Australia, nothing specific, just playing with my neighbours and stuff. I don’t have a lot of strong or vivid memories from most of my childhood up until I was about 20.

26. What would be your song for Karaoke?
I don’t do Karaoke, on principle. I am a classically trained singer and musician. Karaoke offends me deeply. People shouldn’t do Karaoke – If you can’t actually sing, then don’t.

But I would audition again for Les Mis. [I didn’t get in last time because I don’t have Union Membership]

27. If you were to write a Book, what would be the First sentence?
My life with Autism…

28. What is your Own Favorite Art Work?

I have others that I like more, but they are on negatives at the bottom of a big filing cabinet somewhere…

29. Pet Peeve, what is it?
Stupid people. They are everywhere.

And politics. I don’t understand why people do that.

30. Your Favorite TV show?
At the moment… Dexter. He makes me smile.

31. If you were an Animal, which kind would you be?
A dog, no wait… a Cat – the only creature that sleeps more than me!

32. What kind of Super Hero would you be, what would be your Gift?
Captain Lazy. I could sleep through a bomb explosion.

Not terribly useful, I know.

33. If you could change something about Yourself, what would it be?
Learn to accept stupid people, and to not get so upset by people who play mind games and politics

34. If you met an Alien what would your First words be?
Live Long and Prosper.

You never know… it might work.

35. What is your best Subject for your Art Work?
My artwork, both music and photography is generally an expression of how I am feeling at the time. So I guess… it would be me.

36. If you saw a UFO would it change your life?
I have, it certainly freaked me silly for a while.

37. What was the last thing that you laughed about?
The stupidity of the general public when it comes to dealing with emergencies. In my line of work, you get a very black sense of humour. Sorry, can’t go into details.

38. Do you believe in the After-Life?
No, and I don’t believe in any type of deity either.

39. Do you believe in Re-incarnation, if so, what would you come back as?
While I would describe myself as predominantly Buddhist in philosophy, I don’t really believe in re-incarnation.

40. What is the oldest possession you have?
Of mine? – A toy lion, affectionately called “Mr Lion” [I never was very creative with names for stuffed toys!]

41. Have you got any Tattoo’s, where would you have one?
No, I am not a big fan of pain.

But I guess, in one line of text, in 78point Arial Bold, on my cock:

“Welcome to Brisbane, Have a nice day, I hope you enjoy the weather!”

hahaha – an oldie but a goodie!

42. What is your Favorite Book?
I come from a family of avid readers. Seriously. I read a lot. And at one stage I read more that 150books in a year.

I adore Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” series.

But hands down, number one favourite book of all time:

“Where the Wild Things are” by Maurice Sendak.

43. If Red Bubble had its own TV channel would you still be online or both?
RedBubble TV?


44. Sea or Land?
I don’t like wide open spaces. The ocean freaks me badly if I can’t see land.

So I guess it is land, preferably with lots of trees. Deserts freak me the same as the ocean.

45. What is the most Bizarre thing to happen to you?
I once had a member of a very famous English Rock band [from the sixties… I wont mention his name, but he used to own a house on an island off the coast of…] ask me to find some girls who would like to come to his house for “dinner”. I politely told him that I would not provide that service for him.

I have had a lot of very bizarre things happen to me. I could write a book about it.

46. If you were a Fairy Tale what one would you be?
Peter, from Peter and the Wolf. – I would have my own theme music!

47. What is the most Funniest, Humorous thing that has happened to you?
You’re kidding? Where do I start?

This was funny:

I was working Security on an island [yes the same one where the english muso had a house…]

I got called down to the foyer of the main hotel because a guest was making a racket. When I got there, he was screaming at the top of his voice that someone had stolen his marijuana from his room.

It echoed throughout the hotel.

I calmed him down, and eventually discovered that he had actually put it into the hotel security box behind the check-in desk. We checked the box, and sure enough there was 1kg of the best buds you have ever seen.

He calmed down and admitted that he was soooo stoned he must have forgotten where he put it. I told him that it happens to the best of us, and I walked him back to his room.

Then I called the cops.

48. What is the longest time you have gone without sleep?
I have worked for 36hours non-stop, standing up.

But the longest period without sleep – would be close to 4 days. I wont do that again.

49. What is the Best thing that you Love about Red Bubble?
The people, and the philosophy of the site.

50. Did you like this Questionnaire?
yes, it was fun and it killed more than an hour.

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