Adam Bykowski

Oak Lawn, United States

I enjoy photography of all kinds. If it was how I supported my family financially, it would be a dream come true.


Adam's Photographer of the Day Grand Finale is leonie7

The Grand Finale Photographer of the Day is leonie7.…

Happy Easter everybody and welcome to today’s photographer of the day feature which is the last of the series and the last one I will do this year.

This feature, the Grand Finale, is what I could sum up as sort of a success story. A success story driven by courage and an example of the drive of the human spirit. That drive belongs to Redbubble’s own Leonie. Picture yourself getting a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe physical reactions like your heart racing, sweats, and a great fear overcomes you just from walking outside your house. Maybe you walk outside and you start feeling panic or dizziness and you don’t know how to make it stop. Leonie can lead by example and show you what to do, and what you can do is you get

Adam's Photographer of the Day is Jeffrey Sinnock

Today, on this special day, Good Friday, my photographer of the day is Jeffrey Sinnock from Sparks, United States, now living in Reno, Nevada.

Before, I go any further talking about my feature on Jeffrey and his work, look at the image at the top of the page. It is titled Jesus on the cross. My gut reaction to this when I came across this image was how strikingly powerful and real Jesus looked as well as and the other people and scenery around him. Then a split second later I thought of the tremendous blur in the entire image. Then my mind went back to the “real feel” this image has that I could not shake off. For example, how special the glow is that is shining on Jesus on the cross. It is as if a light from heaven is spotlighting him in stronger light than anyone else. The power of the

Which computer to buy - Mac or Windows - Help Me!

Okay, came into some tax return money and I am planning on buying a new computer. I need your arguments and opinions on which is better to have and what I should buy; Windows or Mac. The following information is what I own now and what I want from my future computer and how I will use it.…

What I need: A desktop computer only. Happy with monitor, etc. Just need the desktop box.

What I own now: Dell Windows XP Dual Core desktop that is probably somewhere around 12 years old.

Why I want to buy a new one: Slow, bogs down, XP is not secure for what I use it for. God knows what kind of viruses, malware, bloatware, and snuggle bunnies live in it.

What I use it for:

1. Mostly Photoshop, HDR, Camera Raw software to process my photography.
2. Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets that list anything

Adam's Photographer of the Day is hottehue

Today, my photographer of the day is hottehue

Hottehue is pretty new to Redbubble, so I would like you to give him a warm welcome and comment on his images. I just had to do a tribute to this guy because I am very influenced by his car images. When I first got into shooting cars last year I wanted to capture cool angles and I wanted to get some ideas by looking at some examples of cool looking car images that were unique and showed off the car’s lines in a cool way. After much searching here on Redbubble, I found hottehue and got my answer. Many of his images were the gateway to ideas I did not have and also a gateway to my own style and for that I thank him. I do not know his name, but I believe he is from Germany. I have had a couple bubblemail conversations with him that were a littl

Announcement - I'm a Judge on a Photographer Reality Show

Okay, so I am came up with this great reality show idea and pitched it to a website called Without going into a lot of detail the basic idea is this.…

Six different photographers will be picked randomly from different, known online websites. Each photographer will be known for his or her specialty. For example, landscape photography, portrait photography, macro photography just to name a few. There will be six different photography genres. There will be one genre style per day and the shooting will go on for six days and the judging will be on the seventh day. Day one all photographers will meet and each one will have their specialty announced and each photographer will have three hours to shoot in their known and self picked specialty and another three hours for pho

Adam's Photographer of the Day is Randall Scholten

My photographer of the day is Randall Scholten

Randall’s portfolio contains landscapes for the most part. I would say it is safe to say that there is nary a weak image in the lot. There is a special depth and clarity to his images. Many of them seem almost three dimensional and have a very “real life” look . to them. The image at the top of the page is an excellent example of that.

The image at the top of the page is titled Under the Lighthouse. It is this image that introduced me to Randall’s portfolio and catapulted me into visual excitement. The subject matter is a bit odd and I did not know exactly what I was looking at until I read the Artists Notes. Here is the first sentence that explains it, “During winter storms, huge wads of kelp are washed up on the beaches of the Pacific Nort

Adam's Photographer of the Day is Gareth Jones

Today my photographer of the day is Gareth Jones from Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom.…

I am going to temporarily define Gareth’s photography in two words; difficulty factor. His work in super close macro photography with flower and insects with super sharp focus and vibrant color is simply amazing. Gareth performs other types of photography such as landscapes, birds, and photo journalism, but it is in his insect macro photography where he really shines. Take the eye-popping, super sharp insect shot at the top of the page titled Darter 3. Shiny, compound eyes anyone? Although some may find an image like this creepy, I find it intensely detailed and amazing. Assuming this creature was alive when the shutter was released, to capture every detail with bright clear light is nothing short of aw

Adam's Photographer of the Day is EagleHunter

Today my photographer of the day is EagleHunter from Sechelt, Canada. The name behind EagleHunter is Pam. Sechelt is north of the state of Washington, USA which is a beautiful state full of natural beauty and I know nothing of Sechelt, but it must draw a lot of eagles for her to capture and the eagle images Pam has captured are completely amazing. If you visit her portfolio here, you will find many other types of images from nature that are astoundingly beautiful. Please check them out and leave a great comment for Pam.

Above, the page explodes with the amazing eagle image titled Deep in Thought. There are several technical aspects of equipment and photography that go into a shot like this, but there is one piece of the puzzle that screams at me as to why this image is so brilliant. That

Adam's Photographer of the Day is Jennifer Rhoades

Today’s photographer of the day is Jennifer Rhoades from Holly Springs in the USA. Jennifer is a portrait photographer of sorts. I say of sorts because she is much more than a portrait photographer and her images are very much more than average. She is a former ballet dancer and you will see the influences of ballet in some of her images. A range of emotions and unique feels fill each frame with a style to fit everyone’s taste. You will have to visit her portfolio to see for yourself.

So we start with the smashing image at the top of the page titled Obliquely. Look at those eyes! A fantastic combination of feminine beauty and gritty toughness, this image is powerful blending a great mix of photography and a background texture that gives this an edgy feel. That hard look from a beautiful

Recap on The Groups Feature Thing

Just want to start by saying, I am like the kid in school that is not afraid to raise his hand to ask what everyone else is afraid to ask or what many would think is a stupid question. (but they all were glad I did)…

This post is to give answers to the question on the Featured Members section of any group that I posted earlier.

This post is dedicated to those of you who think like I do and have wondered the same thing. And if you think like I do, I’m sorry for that. Things will get better.

So basically after all the great replies to my post mostly from knowledgeable group hosts, I learned this.

Is the Feature Members section related or connected somehow to those featured people’s images at the top of the Feature images page?

The answer is pretty much NO. They are not.

Although many groups

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