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Another Day In Paradise Last night I had that dream again / It’s a place I often visit without anticipation / A place to heal my intolerable pain / Without a… You Are The Miracle Through the dark clouds / A glimpse of heaven shows / Though iniquity shrouds / As the resilient tornado blows / We cry out in despair / Pr… This Is The Way It Has To Be How did we ever end up this way / Both alone, both feeling astray / I’m sick and tired of thinking of you everyday / I’m corner… Today When will these feelings subside / I’m on a roller coaster of emotions / Stuck in high tide / No feelings, just going through the mot… I Don’t Want To See The Truth Everybody has told me you’re gone / Gone from my life / Disappeared in an instance / Split my world wide open with a knife / Ravaged … Dream Come True I can’t believe my eyes / You’re standing here in front of me / I thought we saw our demise / But yet we were strong enough to … I Love You It’s been a while since I’ve seen you face / So long It feels like an eternity / How I miss your sweet embrace / I was drifting… Where Do I Begin? Where do I begin / So much has changed since you’ve gone / My patience has run thin / For everything and everyone / I’ve change… In Your Eyes Trials and tribulations of life / Usually appear without any warning / Most are filled with confusion and strife / A box of chocolates is w… Nothing Is The Same I can live without everyone / But I can’t live without you / These feelings I can’t outrun / Don’t know whether they̵… I’ll Remember My dreams for us crumbled / When you slammed the door behind you / Indeed I was humbled / Never thought I would lose you / Lost in a sea of… I Can’t Get You Out Of My Head You don’t know what you’ve done / Left me in the dark / I used to be number one / You broke my heart, left your mark / Left me …