How to add thumbnail images to your homepage.

I have been asked several times how I get those little clickable thumbnail images on my homepage. I must admit I am a lousy typist so I will try and explain it here with images. I use a windows computer with internet explorer, I am sure a mac or linux computer will be about the same.

open your profile page and edit your profile. Go to the little box where you can type in your profile.
open your “My Art” page in another window or tab.
Right Click on the little thumbnail picture that you want to copy to your homepage.
select properties.
select and copy the address info.

go to your profile page and type a !
now paste the address you copied in step 3 right after the ! and add another ! right after what you pasted. Do not put any spaces between the two exclamation points.
*STEP 5 Make it “clickable”

go back to your art page and right click on “show public view” and select copy shortcut. Now go to your profile page and type a : right after the last exlamation point you did in step 4. Now paste the shortcut right after the : and put 1 space after your shortcut.

In the image above the yellow is what you copied from step 3 and the green is what you copied from step 4. (you added the 2 ! and the : )
Save your profile and look at the results.
Here is a link to another page with more info.


  • Jan Siemucha
    Jan Siemuchaabout 4 years ago

    Great post, Brian.

  • Fran E.
    Fran E.about 4 years ago

    Thanks for that!

  • Jenny Dean
    Jenny Deanabout 4 years ago

    thanks Brian, probly never get around to it but it’s a great idea :)

  • kappisan
    kappisanabout 4 years ago

    Thank you very much! I’ll give it a try!:)

  • Kymie
    Kymiealmost 4 years ago

    Ahhhhhhhh so that’s how they do it LOL, thank you :-))))

  • Jorja
    Jorjaalmost 4 years ago

    Really helpful Brian and easy to follow, thanks for the post!

  • paul erwin
    paul erwinalmost 4 years ago

    thank you for the info brian, and the process works perfectly on a mac :)

  • Tracy66
    Tracy66over 3 years ago

    This will be very helpful, Thank you for the Tutorial.! In my favs

  • Carol2
    Carol2over 3 years ago

    This is sooo great, Brian!! into my favs!!!

  • PhotosByHealy
    PhotosByHealyover 3 years ago

    Thanks, Brian for sharing this. It was simple and straight forward to implement.

    Am curious about the Featured Art Graphic. Is it something that is available to all RedBubble usres or something that you hold the rights to?

  • The Featured Art graphic is something I made. You may use it if you want. or you can make one of your own. Just copy and paste the address from the properties. ( like with the thumbnail pics) If you want to do your own upload it to your pictures and keep it hidden.

    – Brian Dodd