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Photography has always been my passion which was passed down to me by my Father Vicente Pacificar. Since his passing in 2000 it has been my own way of remembering Him. Although I would like to do Photography for a living someday, I’am enjoying it as a hobbyist for now.

If Im not with my Family or working im “Out N About” with my cameras on hand shooting anything that falls within my Focal Range.

HDR Photography is my preferred medium but I am always open to new and different techniques. I have started a Foto group here in California (F4.2 Photography) to get shutter bugs together and explore this beautiful state.

I hope You enjoy your visit to my site as much as I enjoy creating the images within it.

Thanks Much,
Ben Pacificar


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Bodie Ghost Town

Finally shot some pictures at Bodie Ghost Town off of Highway 395 at the California/Nevada border. Been wanting to shoot this historical landmark since 2005. Never believed much in rumors/Curses nor bad luck until that shoot. I did respect the park by not taking anything except maybe 500 Pictures. Maybe that was enough to piss off the Ghosts that may still reside there.
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