Man Flu!

Sorry for the lack of comments/replies, but I’ve been laid down with the worse malady known to humankind….

That’s right Man flu!

Serioulsy though have been confined to bed for the last 3 days, and am heading back there now, so please accept my apologies if I’ve not responded.


Great news everyone I'm rich!

No need to worry about RB being slow anymore!
Got this e mail today so it looks like I’m in the money:…

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirmable Bank
Draft of $720.000.00 United States Dollars, but I did not hear from you since
that time. Then I went and deposited the Draft with FEDEX COURIER SERVICE,
West Africa, I travelled out of the country for a one Months Course and I will
not come back till end of january
What you have to do now is to contact the FEDEX COURIER SERVICE as soon as possible to know when they will deliver your
package to you because of the expiring date. For your information, I have paid
for the delivering Charge, Insurance premium and Clearance Certificate Fee of
the Cheque showing that it is not a Drug Money or meant to sponsor Terror

Apologies & an appeal to UK contingent

Apologies to those who’s work I haven’t caught up on yet, but the site is running like a dog here in the UK. To the point it’s virtually unusable.

If anyone else is having probs can they please add a comment here

so we can get this sorted



Calling all UK magazine buyers

One of my more popular images on RB

has recently sold through Alamy to a consumer magazine in the UK.

Would love to know which so I could buy a copy, but Alamy never tell you that much.

It’s for a print run of over a million though so there can’t be many of them left!

If anyone spots it can they let me know?



Ah no, not unless you like Father Ted... ah, go on, go on, go on..

What a perfect night. An episode of Father Ted I’ve never seen before.…

A Cuban priest visits Craggy Island in The passion of St Tibulus

BTW there’s no such Saint!

To celebrate this event some quotes from a great comedy that some of us raised by Nuns & priests view as a documentary.

Dougal (when the nativity scene is revealed): Aah! Brilliant. A load of people in a stable! It’s the one thing I didn’t expect.

Mrs. Doyle: I’m so excited. Taking on three bishops all at once. I can’t wait.

Ted: Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These (pointing to plastic cows on table) are very small; those (pointing out of the window) are far away…

Ted: So there he is. Risen from the dead. Like that feller…. E.T.

Ted: I’m not a fascist. I’m a priest. Fascists dress up in black and tell people what to do. Whe

You've been framed part 2 (RB Hosts)

Another in an occasional attempt to shed some light on the great artists lurking in my favourites images. Part 2 hosts

Please note these are not in any particular order…

Also some hosts were already featured in part 1, and I’ve just lost about half a dozen more images I’d meticulously copied over because RB threw one of it’s “we can’t let you do that David moments”!

More to come, but I’ve just ran out of time. Hope you all enjoy….

by Isa
by Pop’s

by Karen

by Roni

by Val

by Gail

by Kira

by Jacqui

by AJ

by Angie

by Kimba

by Nick

by Carol

by Jill

by Andrew

by Dana

by Francis

by Gena

by Evita

Please welcome Andy

Hi All,

Please give a great RB welcome to Andy
who I met whilst on Holiday in Cuba.

He’s only uploaded one image so far, but I know he’ll have much more to come.

It’s taken a while to perusade him to join, so please encourage him to upload more.


Is it me?

Back in Auguest I posted this tip

Now I’ve just noticed that under all my images next to add a comment there is an edit button

Has this been there all along?

Was it added in the recent revamp?

Is it me?


What a great day!

I’ve finally got back my data from my failed drive (see journnals passim).

Thank you computabilda
of Carmarthen!

I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I feel like someone who’s been re-united with a long lost much loved friend.

On top of which I just discovered I sold 5 cards from my Cuba images yesterday.

Thank you so much to the kind soul or souls who did this, as it has raised my spirits today!




Astonished to realise I’ve now passed 40,000 views since joining in February.

Thanks to everyone for their support since then,


You've been framed! Part 1

An occasional attempt to shed some light on the great artists lurking in my favourites images.

Please note these are not in any particular order…

Coming soon.. part 2 the hosts collection my favourites by RB hosts…

by kathy s gillentine

by Berns

by rodeorose

by Shulie

by Sanda Moore

by Racheli

by Joak

by patjila

by Simone Fisher

by Jason Connoly

by Michael Scott

by embracelife

by Luanda

by trish725

by trueblvr

by BigCatPhotos

by andy551

by Charmiene Maxwell-batten

by First Impressions

by JohnDSmith

by dawndavies

Anti War graffiti

Hi If you saw this image pop up in your feed & disappear it’s beacuse I realised after uploading it was an inappropraite image to upload today.

It wasn’t a statement of any sort by me. Rather I was going through some old stuff looking to add to my graffiti groups, and the wider significance had not hit me until I saw it added. I doubt anyone would have been offended, but just to be sure I will upload it another time.


The RB woods are lovely, dark and deep

but I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

With due apologies to Robert Frost, but I do have miles to go trying to catch up with everyone. Apologies for any return visits or masterpieces I may have missed, but I need to quit now or the chair & myself will become as one.

Will try & catch up tomorrow, by which time of course I’ll be even further behind…



Who says....

my partner doesn’t have a sense of humour?

Card from Thérèse…

Punching Computer by Jamie Charteris for the bottomline range

Desperate times

Call for desperate measures………

The news on the PC front is a dead hard disk. Whilst the cheapest option to fix it is unfortunately the worst possible if you’ve been lax at backing up. As an IT engineer myself I’ve no excuse other than after a day spent dealing with other peoples PC problems the last thing you want to do is worry about your own issues!

I have most, though not all of my Cuban pictures (albeit in raw format), but what saddens me most is the loss of the textures I was starting to build a collection of, and most of my new forays such as accidental images & composite/manipulated images.

Still…a lesson learned!

I’ve decided for the time being that I’ll not spend time just saying thanks when someone comments on my work. Far better I feel to spend time looking at their portfoli

Lack of activity

I won’t be around much for the next couple of week as I’m on holiday, but willl drift in & out.

On top of which my main pc has packed up!

Naturally being an IT person everything’s backed up right?

You’d think wouldn’t you?



Wierd RB happenings!

Anyone else had this?

I’ve recently checked the results on some challenges I was sure I’d entered only to find my work wasn’t even in the submitted entires. One always assumes madness at these times, but today I had 2 more, and when I checked them they had been taken out of of all their groups too, including groups that they had been featured in.



Catch up time again

Hi all

Have been away for a long weekend with no internet access (shock horror), so need to be on catch up duties.

Off to the dentist in a minute then Dorset, so it probably isn’t going to be today!




I just want to say a huge thank you to the people in my watchlist.

You’re all there of course because I admire your work, but it’s also so fascinating to see images pop up in my image feed that you’ve commented on, and to follow them.

They take me to images I’d probably never have seen otherwise, and for that I’m very grateful.

Of course you’re all stopping me from working, but don’t let that bother you…


Accidental images/Rustography a health warning...

As I came close to crashing my car on the M5 today on 2 occasions. Once while trying to get close to a lorry with a rusty tailgate, and once while gazing skyward, and thinking hhmm that cloud looks like a Dragon I’d warn all potential rustographers/accidental imagists this hobby is more addictive than RB itself!


Apologies in advance

Apologies if I’m a bit tardy for a while in posting/replying to comments.

Have just taken on my first hosting role. Along with Gary Gurr & Gena (paintingsheep) we will be trying to get things moving again in a group that seems to have stalled for a while.

Hope many of you will join us at Streetart, but in the interim we have stopped posting of new work while we clear the backlog.



A useful tip (hopefully)

Hope you all find this as useful as I have.…

Ever wanted to enter a challenge, but then you have to go & add your work to the group, or you just join a group & think I’ve got something older that would fit this group?

You’ve then got to search through all your photos page by page, because you can’t remember when you uploaded it & so which page it’s likely to be on.

You can search for it on RB of course, but there’s no handy option for editing it.

I’ve found that if you do this it can speed things up considerably.

First search for your picture.

I’ve used Mad dogs & Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun!
as an example.

This returns This

The full path of which is

If you replace the bit

First 4 months

Just being doing some tidying up of my main page which had got very out of date, and, have realised I’ve just entered my 100th featured image under the featured images section.

Quite a few have been featured more than once too so in all 147 features.
Just to let newcomers know that sometime’s it’s a slow start, but things can take off really quickly, so hang in there.

I’ve now made 4 sales (admittedly one was to myself), been featured on the homepage, been a challenge winner 6 times (although once there were only 3 entries!), and been a challenge top 10 runner up 19 times.

Now, finding time to take pictures when I’m not commenting, replying or making clickable thumbnail links that’s the difficult bit!

Thanks to everyone for their support.


Just sold my first framed print!

All together now… "I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

Don’t know who the purchaser is, but whoever they are thanks for giving my confidence a much needed boost.


First Home Page Feature!

Mine’s the Tulips top right

Blimey the one day I haven’t got time to check in & what happens?

Get featured on the Home page. Get used as a challenge illustration by Stunning Switzerland group, and get featured in 2 more groups!

Thanks to everyone for the great comments. I will get round to replying to everyone individually, but am really busy this weekend.

Thanks to Kimba & Ozzywoman for the great group. Shortest membership I’ve ever had of a club. Keep up the good work

I’m so thrilled to be placeed in this group of images too.

Well done everyone great work.


Thanks to Everyone for the welcome!

Thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome by commenting on my work, since I joined in mid February.…

I was at a fairly low point at that time, and so to receive feedback from some of the incredibly talented people who post here has been brilliant.

I’m a little overwhelmed by the response I’ve received so far, as I never expected to be featured so early on.

To date I’ve been featured 28 times & some pics have even been featured more than once.

Thank you to Gary Gurr who kicked it all off by doing my first ever feature in the Rusty, Crusty and Falling to Bits Group.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have been in the top 10 of 5 challenge events too, but it seems I’m destined to be the bridesmaid & not the bride in these!

I wish I had more time to trawl all the groups & leave comment

Don't know if anyone reads these journals?

I’ve made a decision to donate any profits from pictures of Endangered species to IFAW, and would like to do something helpful for the people of Cuba.

I e mailed the man responsible for the rejuveanation of Havana shortly after visiting, but got no reply, and the only charities I’ve found on my own for Cuba appear to be for Pianos or Bikes. I wouldn’t want to belittle these causes, but they don’t fit with my hopes to repay the people of Cuba for their warm welcome.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful.


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