• artisandelimage
    artisandelimageover 2 years ago

    shocking, and disgusting, IMHO. as many others, I struggle to get 1$ for my original works. jail for this guy should be the answer.
    my best, francis.

  • Vickie Emms
    Vickie Emmsover 2 years ago

    isn’t that something, but not totally surprising given the crooks in this work Dave. But keep passing this around till the proper people see this kind of thing and reprimand this person. If you can’t take your own good pictures and be someone, then don’t even try by stealing!!!

  • Rhonda Strickland
    Rhonda Stricklandover 2 years ago

    Wow!!!! Incredible. It’s interesting that this guy would have thought he could get away with this. Shameful! His public humiliation will be a good start at punishment for his plagiarism!!!

    I was feeling a bit pushy and mean by asking the members of Altered by Imagination to state if they used stock photos & to credit back to where they got them. No more!!!!
    Thank you so much Dave. . . I now feel it is the right thing to ask & will no longer feel bad about it.

  • ellismorleyphto
    ellismorleyphtoover 2 years ago

    It’s awful for sure… now if he took genuine stock photos and put them together WELL and admitted that he did that (as a lot of people here do…) then that’s one thing but to sell work as your own photo and to get all that acclaim etc is simply shocking.

    Maybe the fact that, as they said, the photoshopping is not even great worked in his favour… in other words people would think “nah if it was photoshopped he would have done a better job of it”… either way I am glad that his award was revoked.

    Rhonda, I do not think at all that you should feel pushy for asking for credit… stock or not, an artist somewhere did the original work… in addition, linking the photo to a stock source is a way to prove that your group member has done at least their part of responsibility to use stock work and not steal it from somewhere else :-)

    Anyway thanks for sharing this :-)

  • Shulie1
    Shulie1over 2 years ago

    How pathetic! He can’t have too much faith in his talent if he has to stoop to this

  • Teresa Zieba
    Teresa Ziebaover 2 years ago

    Shocking and shameful. And riding in fame for someone elses work, wow… Thanks Dave.

  • enchantedImages
    enchantedImagesover 2 years ago

    Very sad. I just don’t get it….
    Thanks Dave.
    ~ Bobbi

  • patjila
    patjilaover 2 years ago


  • virginian
    virginianover 2 years ago

    Sad for sure! He should pay one way or the other for his theft.