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Hi All, having recently found out that RB now rarely draws it’s homepages from the choose the redbubble homepage thread I decided to share with you some of the homepages I’ve submitted for consideration in the past.

The top selection was actually chosen about a year ago for the international day of the disabled. The Cuban selection wasn’t taken up, but Cuba Libre group was featured on the homepage with different selections.

RB has decided that it makes more sense to co-ordinate the HP with other promotional events, and to better co-ordinate with other external faces of RB like twitter & facebook. All of which makes perfect sense, and I wasn’t particularly succesful at getting my selections chosen anyway, but all the same it feels like a slice of RB history has gone. Thanks anyway to Martin for letting everyone on the thread know what most had suspected for some time anyway.

Anyway I enjoyed putting them together & trying to promote these artist’s great images back in the days when I had more time on my hands, so for what it’s worth I hope you enjoy….

All images are clickable



Cuba Libre

Let’s Dance

The dispossessed

It’s the look…


Feeling Blue

The eyes have it

Wedding Day

Let’s dance 2…



  • ellismorleyphto
    ellismorleyphtoover 2 years ago

    They look wonderful, Dave :-) I might take this idea and put all my previous layouts, selected and not selected in a thread one day :-)

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneover 2 years ago

    I must admit I was thinking of doing the same thing. More people can benefit from seeing work they’d otherwise not see. Good on ya Dave!