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Sad to say

Dear friends,

Many many thanks to everyone who’s supported me the last year or so.

There are many warm & talented people here dear to my heart. However I find I can no longer struggle to keep up.

The pressure of learning half a dozen new accounts whilst trying to do a part time degree has gotten me as close to a breakdown as I can ever remember.

Something has to give & I’m afraid it’s going to have to be time on RB (which is pretty infrequent as it is).

I’ll try to keep Cuba Libre ticking over (unless I have any volunteers to take over), and I’ll post every now & again, but I know how busy everyone is (those watchlists accuse us from the shadows), so don’t feel you have to comment if I do, because I won’t be in a position to reciprocate.

Have been putting this off for ages in the hope I might win the lottery & retire, but it seems unlikely. :-(

All my Love,


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