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Street Art

I have just removed the largest part of street art I have on this site after contact from a local street artist. I have to say it opened my eyes somewhat.

Having previously hosted the street art group I thought I was helping to promote some great works around the world. For my part I always tried to identify the artist if I could & to include a link to their website if they had one, and encouraged others to do so.

I now accept that regardless of the legality & indeed anonymity of some work, that I was essentially creating a derivative work based on that artists original. Something I should have realised if I’d given it a moments thought. I have left some here where the art is shown in its context of the street or location or where I have had contact with the artists conc…

Happy New Year

Hi all

Hope you all have a happy & profitable 2015. And many thanks to everyone who purchased from me in 2014. I wish you all good fortune.


Hi all

Hi Everyone. Sorry I’ve not been around much of late. Started my business after being made redundant earlier this year


& that’s been keeping me pretty busy. Just back from Berlin so I’ll try & post some pics from there when I get some down time. Hope you’re all well, and happy, not to mention monstrously rich from all your RB earnings :-)



Exposure doesn't pay bills!

Thanks to Gwyn @ Fotlibra blog for pointing this gem out.

Since being made redundant I’ve been offered work by events companies wanting me to spend a day photographing their lucrative corporate events so they could sell the images to their clients & I would gain “experience & exposure” that would look good in my portfolio.



Unauthorised use of images

Hi all

I recently discovered by using search google that one of my images was being used on this site http://arkpet.ocnk.net/product/3098

“I’ve sent the following message to them as I have no interest selling an image to such a site even if they offered to pay.

You have used my image of a short eared owl which you have taken from my redbubble site http://www.redbubble.com/people/buttonpresser/w... please remove this image immediately, and any others you may have taken from my portfolio.

I have not given permission for this usage nor would I for your site."

I would advise you to check your animal images. If you’re using google chrome just right click & select search google for this image.


Anyone else miss the old image feed?

Used to be really interesting watching great images scroll by you could then just click on. Some you wouldn’t have found on your own as they had been favourited by people you followed or featured in groups that you were in, but couldn’t always keep on top of.

It’s not all progress RB. (don’t even get me started on the found page replacing the homepage!)


Deeply shocked

I have just found out that the child I have sponsored in Africa for some years has died after being bitten by a snake.

I’m deeply shocked, but determined that I will continue my sponsorship with another child, and I would urge anyone who can afford to do so here in the developed world to do like wise. Sometimes it takes something like this to make you realise how fortunate you are in life.

Anyway I sponsor via Action Aid but there are many charities here in the UK & abroad that offer similar schemes. If you’ve ever considered it please do.


Past the half million mark

Was astonished to notice when I clicked on manage works today that my work has been viewed 583,681 times. An average of 384 times per image (shame that’s not sales!).

I recently created a collection of my top 50 images according to RB

Does anyone else find that sometimes RB’s most popular doesn’t always seem to co-incide with what logic might dictate?

For example

Only comes in at number 49 despite being featured 8 times, favorited 13, and commented on 35 times whereas ?

has only had one feature, 3 favorites, and only 2 comments, yet comes in at 24

Surely most popular can’t just be based on number of views?


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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait