In every person’s life there’s a story to tell.
In my life,all my memories are written in invisible ink.
I seem to forget allot.
I seem to forget things that happened minutes ago.
But I will always remember a smile.
I will remember what it felt like,to be free.
As I get older I question things that I thought should make sense.
The thing’s I had wondered about for this day and age in fact,have no significance.
So here I am,shocked.
Many nights I lay awake,eyes open to the window.
watching clouds pass over such beautiful stars.
Memories of a much simpler life come to mind as i begin to feel the weight of tears.
With every dream I dream.
I find hope for a new beginning.
And yet,there’s day’s where I find this life,my life,dull and boring.
I see no future that holds any upcoming excitement.
And I am left hopeless,waiting for the sunset to bring me my next challenge.
To awake with this room as bright as snow sends chills down my spine.
I am alive and ready for another write in my novel.
For every writer holds more then one soul.
And every breath that I take carry’s words out to sea.
I am here.
Walking barefoot around the world.
And yet I haven’t moved in inch..
The miles of my mind could go on forever.
The best feature I’ll ever hold is the one that lets me express who I am.
It’s the only feature any artist will ever need.
Let it be a kid with some chalk,or a grandfather with some paint.
Our beauty is our own.
And my life is as dark and as light as the setting sun or a new risen moon.
This invisible ink lays silently in my veins.
And with every thought I think,my hearts pulses out a line of hope.
One day,when life goes on without me.
My secrets will fly away in my soul.
And new artist’s will be born.

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Just some random writing on the top of my head.


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  • S .
    S .almost 5 years ago

    beauty in writing

  • Thank you so much! And for the feature as well!
    Really made me proud of my work! =)

    – butterflyashes

  • S .
    S .almost 5 years ago

  • Tomi10
    Tomi10almost 5 years ago

    lovely work, It carries you like a wave through a world you have painted.
    ’In every persons life there is a story to tell,
    In my life, all my memories are written in invisible ink….
    So descriptive and brilliant play with words.

  • Thank you so much Thomas! =)

    – butterflyashes

  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Ralmost 5 years ago

    Beautiful. This describes me. Sometimes I am at a loss and don’t remember what happened five minutes ago. Sometimes I will go on for days without really living, only just breathing, and yet I also write what is in my soul. I think that this is one of a writer’s flaws.Outstanding work. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Thank you so much! I too go day’s where I look back and wonder what I did,or didn’t do. Kinda strange at times. lol

    – butterflyashes

  • meng
    mengalmost 5 years ago

    If we all wrote a book the world would be so much richer in literature. I truly enjoy reading blogs and poetry, it gives me a sense as to who a person really is. ;0)

  • Same here.Reading just bits and pieces of whats in another person’s mind is amazing to me.
    It makes you think and wonder. Makes life more beautiful and real. =)

    – butterflyashes

  • Erika Tirado
    Erika Tiradoalmost 5 years ago

    One day,when life goes on without me.
    My secrets will fly away in my soul.
    And new artist’s will be born.….just wow….x

  • Thank you so much Erica! I’m glad you enjoyed this. =)

    – butterflyashes

  • Michael Degenhardt
    Michael Degenh...about 4 years ago

    You express yourself so very well, poetically deep and inspiring. The lines, “Walking barefoot around the world. And yet I haven’t moved in inch..” really hit me hard and the whole write had an immense impact. Really good writing! Michael

  • Thank you again Michael!! I always appreciate it when other artist’s take their time out to read my work! I’m so happy you liked this one :)

    – butterflyashes

  • Gail Bridger
    Gail Bridgeralmost 4 years ago

    Wow…this is one of the best writes I have ever read. I have a really bad arm tonight and got to lift it with the other one to write this, but I had to comment. Wow….very deep and wise!

  • Thank you so much Gail!!! I’m so happy you liked this one!!! :)

    – butterflyashes

  • JustWatching
    JustWatchingalmost 4 years ago

    This is beautiful…wonderfully expressed. Very nice ~

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