Sharing the Love....... with MEL TAYLOR

There is a quite phenomenon traveling through the RB community… interviews with fellow artists! Started by MUSCULARTEETH

and Jo ,I was priviledged to be one of the first interviewed. As part of the process I shall now with much pleasure, pay it forward……………………….

Let’s talk about Mel Taylor. When he’s not out on the road with his traveling Village People Tour, or doing guest appearances on RENO 911..Mel leads a fairly sedate life in Louisville, Kentucky. He and his incredible images appeared on RB early this spring, and it didn’t take long for Mel to make his presence felt. His kind demeaner and ascerbic wit can be found in his many comments of encouragement to the long list of friends he has collected within our community. Mel’s art style is uniquely his. When he posts a new image his avatar is not needed as his art always says “look at me… I’m an original!” I feel quite privledged to call this enigmatic man my good friend. So without further adieu ….. i present to you an interview with MELTAYLOR

How does being a creative and persuing your creativity affect other parts of your life?

Well, I have been actively drawing, since I was five years old (or earlier).
My brother and I used to write and draw cartoon series on a small drawing tablet.
We would even make up commercials, which interrupted the main story line.
The characters that we would draw in the commercials, would be local television personalities at that period in time.
None of these works have survived..
Lee, my brother, went on to being a playwright. He has several plays that have been produced in New york and other large cities.
I have had several major art shows here in Louisville.
People have told me that I should go to New York or Chicago to exhibit my art and sculptures. In fact, with the last gallery showing that I had, a New York lawyer bought several pieces…and he said the same thing!
Art has consumed my life, since I started designing on my computer.
I am now on three web sites and it’s very hard to keep up with it all, but I can’t slow down.
I strive to complete at least three or four designs a week.
So, I guess I could say that art affects about every aspect of my life, always being on the computer.
I love feedback… I think a lot of it has to do with judgement and self esteem. I find that to be a wonderful therapy. Especially if the work(s) is critiqued in a good light!

In my short time here on the bubble, I have gained some very dear friends.
Butch Curran butchart was actually the first person who gave me a wonderful welcome when I felt rather alone on this site.
I am always astonished with the beautiful way he writes and by the way he creates his work. He is a very talented and caring man.
When I told him that I was a little down, because I had not had any sales…he bought 3 cards of my work! How cool is that?
I don’t know if he knew how happy that made me…

There are several others on the bubble, who’s work inspires me.
One in particular is D. McQuaid…
When I commented on one of his beautiful works, with a dragon theme, I made a commented of how I love dragons. He made time to burn a Cd of a few of his dragon images and mail it to me! All the way from Canada!!
He is off of the bubble at this time, but I am hoping that he returns soon as I miss him and his art and wisdom!

Another person who inspires me is Joe Valcourt. JOEVALCOURT
Joe’s wonderful photographic imagery and enhancements are always beautiful.
I know, in his mind, he is already seeing how the finished images will look on screen, as he shoots them.
I think it takes a brilliant mind to have that kind of foresight!

And there are many others that I’d like to thank! You know who you are!

All of the support that I have been given on redbubble is amazing!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here!
I love redbubble!

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