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Dark Side of the Moon, Reunion

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RB and good people

RB has been a place to meet wonderful artists and friends. One such person is the brilliant artist Danilo Lejardi. Recently after reading my poem baggage
…. Dani gave me this incredible gift………

…. thank you so much my friend. Your vision of my words is truley a treasure and touched me deeply…………b

To ALL my Friends and fellow artists

..on june 12th my world was turned upside down and all my energies and priorities were refocused along with it…… the road has been long and is not over yet, but i’m able to spend some time on the bubble again.

i am sorry to have missed so much incredible work (i’m sure) from all of you wonderful artists and writers. … but i hope to be here more and share in all the extraordinary facets of this great site……….

to all of you that have sent bmails of support and concern… i offer only a heartfelt thank you. your kindness has provided a shining light in times of darkness….and hope in times of despair.
i will try and answer them all as time allows… but please know that i have been touched by all of you.

much love and light……

Thank you to C.O.R.E.

I don’t usually post /journal features but i am humbled and honoured to have been named C.O.R.E.’s

first featured writer. I would like to thank this wonderful group’s two hosts, Ushna and The Yellowfury.
Being a writer on Redbubble can be discouraging at times, but due to acts of incredible kindness and encouragement such as this, I am greatful for the opportunity to share my work with others. SO … a heartfelt thank-you to CORE and my readers………….. love and light………….b


just had to do this one

I usually don’t journal about my work being featured …….. but

no air

has been featured in C.O.R.E. …… as this particular poem is important to me I am honored and proud that it was featured….. thank you so much Ushna and Yellowfury……..and congratulations on hosting such a wonderful group………..b

TEE Shirts

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made such kind and lovely comments on my shirts. I just entered the realm of T-shirt design this past week. I am using artwork that i have originally posted as wall art and cards so I feel rather silly thanking everyone twice for their lovely comments. My position at work was recently done away with (last friday) so I’m scrambling to push my artwork and sales to the limits… hence..the new t-shirt line. So, Thank you again for everyone who has been kind enough to make comments………….. i hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and as always… peace and light………….b

New Video for Redbubble artists

I’ve completed and posted a new video for The Video Montage Group on RB.

The theme for our latest project was “going with the flow” and the video is entitled “Finding Harmony”. Music as always is by the inceredible MuscularTeeth.
I hope you will check it out. Some wonderful art is included. thanks, peace and light……………..b