My name is Trevor, just a nut with a camera, self taught. I own 100 acres of regrowth Ironbark forest that abounds with all manner of birds and bugs. I particularly enjoy macro work.

All my macros are taken with a Canon 450D. Mainly they are shot with the Canon 50mm F2.5 macro with the EFLSC 1:1 lifesize converter. Generally my shots will be taken with the 580EX II Speedlite set for ETTL, high speed sync and manual mode on the camera. Occasionally I will add an EF25 extension tube. I also have the Canon 65mm dedicated macro but it is a bit hard to use on moving subjects.

All my birds, reptiles, etc., are taken with a Canon 40D with the 100-400L lens. Sometimes I’ll use either a EF25 extension to get in closer to a small bird, or a 1.5 teleconverter for a bit of extra range.

I hope you will enjoy my efforts.

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