Darth Vader Out and About in the Waikato

(can’t sleep)

Kawhia Mafia
Kawhia, New Zealand

Freaky Perv Boy Darth
For all ages

Throw that batch out

Darth having a moment
Green Light Bedroom

Brokeback Darth – I wish I could quit you
Brokeback Mansion

Darth in Thaburbia
Dusk in Suburbia

Darth looking for Dorothy
Looking for Dorothy

Surfer Darth
… 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi…

Looking for Superman
Not even here

Walking the Darth
Walking the Dad


  • janpiller
    janpillerover 6 years ago

    hahahahahaha – what are you smokin’????!!!!! hahahahahahaha

  • 4am, son had nightmare, we’re both wide awake… he’s watching Iggle Piggle, I’m looking at my balloon shots from yesterday…hmm… what to do?

    – Cathleen Tarawhiti

  • janpiller
    janpillerover 6 years ago

    hahaha yup – been there – done that! hahaha

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 6 years ago

    you have a great quirky sense of humour!!

  • To compensate for my hunch. No ;)

    – Cathleen Tarawhiti

  • Paul Louis Villani
    Paul Louis Vil...over 6 years ago

    LOL! :D

  • Barbara Sparhawk
    Barbara Sparhawkover 6 years ago

    Darth Looking for Dorothy is the most splendid of all the splendid, damn these are terrific. You may turn me into a fan of fooling of with photography yet. Oh, and the first one, Kawhia Mafia, is just too perfect for words. Fantastico.

  • John Brotheridge
    John Brotheridgeover 6 years ago

    Cathleen, if you need help, just give me a call, I worry about you. I think your recent ‘trip’ shot has left some flashback. Like the Kawhia Mafia one though, thought it was an obscure decapitation warning! Great imagination going on here.

  • Greta  McLaughlin
    Greta McLaughlinover 6 years ago

    Love it!!!! All the compositions are wonderful and humorous. Are you sure you weren’t the one having the nightmare???? I was trying to make a sentance out of your tags. I’m sure there must be one in there!

  • Cathleen Tarawhiti
    Cathleen Taraw...over 6 years ago

    Lol, comes from watching Iggle Piggle three times in a row.

  • Wendy  Slee
    Wendy Sleeover 6 years ago

    You are hilarious and twisted and I think we all love it!

  • HenkStolk
    HenkStolkover 6 years ago

    some are sooo funny, even creapy, well done!