London, United Kingdom

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Lorna “bug” Phillips is a highly acclaimed artist and graphic designer. Born in the United Kingdom, Lorna grew up in South Africa before moving back to the UK as an adult. She now splits her time between living in the UK, France and Canada with her partner for life and their three cats. Lorna is bolstered by a cast of many that support her creatively, technically and emotionally. Thank you to all.

Why bug?
Lorna was wearing a pair of large sunglasses when she first met her future plife (partner for life :) outside of a tube station in London, England. After dating for months, Lorna garnered up the courage to ask her plife, “so, what did you think of me when we first met?” Without pause, the immediate response was “I thought you looked like a bug”. It was that heartfelt and hilarious response that inspired Lorna to decide “she’s the one for me”…

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