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Spencer, United States

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Hello, it’s nice to become a member of your community.
I’ve been taking photographs, as my form of art, for many years and have gone from film to digital like most.
I shoot mostly from within my own garden here in Upstate New York, USA.
I’ve only just begun showing my work online and would sincerely appreciate any feedback; whether it’s favorable or critical. I’m more willing to learn than I am sensitive, so please feel free to share, okay?
I also shoot many Landscapes of this area, it has rolling hills, canyons, lakes and waterfalls; along with be an expansive vineyard and winery region.
I live in a thick forest of deciduous trees making Autumn here a marvel for photographers. Even an amateur is hard pressed to not come away with something beautiful :-).
I have a fair sized garden and my extensive folder of FLOWER shots are exclusively shot within.
Due to cross pollinization, I look forward to each years growth and the colors they evolve into.
Thanks for letting me be part of this very professional site.
Sincerely, Kathaleen (buddykfa)

  • Joined: January 2008