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What I've Been Up To....

Creating a website from scratch! Well, I did cheat a bit and used my hosting website’s template. It still took me a good four to five hours to get it to this stage. I think my eyes are about to pop out of my head too. It takes quite a bit of getting used to, especially when you want to add some code and you haven’t yet figured out all the little icons in the create a website doodad the webhost has very kindly provided. If that makes any sense at all then let me know. My brain is codefuddled!

Well then, here it is in all it’s glory:


Look at Me!!!! Look at ME!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been interviewed by Eyal Nahmias, Host of Art of the Middle East Group.

You can find out all the nitty gritty HERE

Yes (big sigh), it would appear the reason for this interview is that I won a challenge with nought, nada, zip, zilch-o votes! Go figure! But I distinctly remember voting in this challenge, as do other members of the group. Nevermind tho’ a win’s a win! ;-)


Sold two canvas prints – one of each of the following:

Thanks to the person who bought these two prints. I hope they look great on your walls and you get lots of enjoyment from viewing them.

Not Around Much - Boohoo, Sob, WaaaaaAAAAAA!

We’re moving house this weekend and the new place won’t have internet for anywhere up to 3 weeks, although I hope it won’t be that long. Thanks to our great telcos overheredownunder! Sheesh, you’d think in this day and age, HELLOOOO 21st century people, the telcos would have their act together enough to at least do this sort of thing quickly, not drag it out for weeks on end!

I’ll die from withdrawal symptoms.

I’ll only be able to log on at work so If I don’t respond to your comments or don’t cooment on others, that’s the reason why.

I’ll shuffle off dejectedly now……

$$$$OLD - 4 Canvas Print to One Awesome Fantastic Person!!!!

Thanks to the person who bought FOUR canvas prints, one of each of the following:

Thanks to the person who bought these. They very kindly bmailed me with their wonderful comments on the images as well. I’m not sure if they want to be known so I’ll leave it up to them to ‘out’ themselves should they so desire.

Rockin’ great way to start my week!

How Many Views????

This morning I logged in and checked my views, I had 150,004. This afternoon I decided to delete some photos I wasn’t overly happy with and noticed my views had jumped to 150,124 prior to the deletions.…

So I deleted the photos and lo and behold, I was back under 150,000 views at 149,995 views.

Just now I checked again and I am back up to 150,028 views. Maybe I should delete some more photos I’m not that happy with just to bounce back down under that magical figure of 150,000 views! Or maybe I’ll wait a bit………

Gee what fun to have on a rainy, cold Monday afternoon.

Eight x 150,000 and I’ll be at a million views! Hmmm, it’s taken 13 months to get 150,000 views, which means only another seven and half years to go till I hit 1,000,000 views! Yipppeeee!!!!!!!! Hopefully I would have increa

The Winter Blues

I really think these outdoor heaters are the biggest waste of energy! How can anyone justify putting a heater on a wall on the outside of a building and then turning it on?? It is simply ludicrous for this to be happening and then to have people bleating on about Greenhouse Gases while sipping their lattes underneath one of these and discussing just how much energy they will save during “Earth Hour” next year! Or using those re-useable plastic bags all the supermarkets are selling now coz it will lessen their carbon footprint. Like, wow, man, and that heater being turned on all day and into the night is going to negate everything you and all the people walking past all day and all week will do!

Are these heaters really necessary? Do they do any good? Do you really nead a pissant lit

Open Up and Say Ahhhhhhh

Open Up and Say Ahhhhhhhhh has been featured again!

Thanks to the hosts of The Weekend Photographer THE 500 TO 5000 VIEWINGS GROUP
and Love Affair With The Lens for featuring this photo recently.

Oh and I also sold a card of this photo to another member on RB, so a huge thanks to them as well.

This takes total features for this image to 9, 1 challenge win and one sale. I’m rather chuffed with that effort! (Although I’d be happier with a few more sales) ;-))


I’ve been rather quiet for the past three-four weeks as we’ve been travelling and visiting ancient cities in the Middle East. Now we’re in sunny Brighton, England, freezing our butts off but loving it as I’ve got family here and Brighton is such a funky, fun town! Later this week we head up to London for a few days, then back to our beautiful hometown, Sydney.…

Well, around Xmas 2009, I hit the magical 50,000 views mark and sometime over the past 3-4 weeks, I hit the dizzy heights of 100,000 views! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO

Thanks to all the people who have viewed and favourited my work, it’s great inspiration.

And a huge Thanks to those who have purchased my work which is an even bigger inspiration and incentive for me to produce even more, high quality images.

Thanks to the hosts who have feature

Thanks For The Features

I’ve been slack, err, I mean I’ve been really, really, REALLY busy again and haven’t been able to thank the hosts of the many groups who have featured my work recently. Therefore, I am correcting this oversight and now would like to thank the hosts of the following groups for featuring these images.…

It’s always uplifting to have my work featured and I greatly appreciate the support and recognition.

2 February 2010 Featured in A Vision Of Flight Photography

14 February 2010 Featured in Australian Travel Photography and Writing


2 February 2010 Featured in The Ashes – Australia vs England

4 February 2010 Featured in UK to Australia and Back

Buy this Image Here Now

28 February 2010 featured in All the Colors of the Rainbow


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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait