Why don't you two kiss?

I remember it was a dark Sunday afternoon, raining a little, but non-stop. The third can was nearly empty so I walked to the bar to get two more, one for me and another one for my childhood friend Vincent. I was back at my hometown after living in São Paulo for 5 years. São Paulo is a huge city, Poá, where I grew up is just a small rat hole. Vincent was from farther away, had come to visit me.
In front of us, teenagers were playing a clumsy rock ´n´ roll – on the same loose wooden stage I had played on years before that, – while a group of 5 or 6 drunken people sang loudly along, “OH I, UH, I’M STILL ALIVE”. Boys playing for free beers, just like I once was. Living.
This dirty black kid was running to the ice chest full of beers and back to the counter, while a skinny man with greasy mustache would count the change.
“How much you pay the kid?” I asked.
“Nothing, he’s my wife’s son. Kid loves helping.”
“I bet he does”, I took the beers and walked back towards my table.
Vincent now, was talking to this girl. She had beautiful lines on her face. Nice blond hair. But the body was chubby and she wasn’t very tall. I went on and said hello, I’d met her before, almost a month earlier at a different bar. Her sister and I had friends in common. I also knew this guy that said he was her ex-boyfriend, he was also trying to make it as a writer and liked my stories. Her name was Lydia, she had a neck splint and bandages on her face, supposedly from a car accident. But, there are no secrets in such small towns. By that dark Sunday afternoon when she met Vincent, I already knew the true story. She had jumped from a bridge. The accident itself was the truck parked right below, interrupting her fall. Suicide attempt, not accomplished. Miracle, a few people claimed. Total failure, did others.
I guessed that was the pit bottom for her. And when you’re there, there’s only way up.
Lydia was hitting on Vincent, who was about to get married with Diane, a beautiful brunette who thought I was no good, and didn’t want to invite me for the wedding. I was pleased for my old friend so I walked away.
Vince came to me, “Sal, what do I do?”
“Go for it, man.” I said pointing at her butt with the lit end of my cigarette.
“I need some help, too long with the same woman.”
“OK”, we walked back to the table.
“So, Lydia, we’re leaving. Do you want a ride?”
We got in my old car. I was driving slowly, going nowhere. They were both in the back seat. Through the rearview mirror I could see Vincent kissing her and touching her breasts. I threw my right arm back and started stroking her thighs, that felt good, and she liked it too, so I moved it gently towards her cunt. At her first howl, I pulled over the car on an empty street and jumped to the backseat.
I pressed my lips against hers, they were soft and tasted like rum and coke. My tongue was deep in her mouth and I started unzipping my shorts. Vincent had just finished pulling her pants off so I moved my face away to see where I was sticking it. When I looked at her face again, I could only see a hairy butt. She was sucking Vince, sweating. We were all sweating.
It was nice and warm inside her, “I have just started”, I thought, when she pulled away.
“I want to go home”, Lydia said. She looked like all the booze was running off.
“Take me home”, she crossed her arms and looked down. “Why don’t you two kiss?”, she looked at me and my friend.
I jumped back to the driver’s seat,“I’m taking you home," I said and started the engine.
Vincent went home the next day to his fiancé, but they never got married.
I saw Lydia again a couple of weeks later. Her sister came to say hello, she looked hot. I was early, and the sun shone golden. Her legs shone golden, coming from under a blue sundress
“So, how are you, Sal?” she sat on a plastic chair on my left and laid her right hand on my knee.
“I’m great. What about you, Judy?”
That was when Lydia showed up. Her face was much prettier than her sister’s, but the sundress would never fit her the same.
“Hello Salvatore”,
“Oh, Lydia, do you know Sal?”
“Of course I do, remember that story I told you?” Lydia said with a grin.
Judy’s smile melted and her charming eyes turned to disgust. I finished my drink in one sip and left. The two sisters just stood there, just like I describe them in the more known version of this story. The time I fucked two beautiful sisters." Why don"t you two kiss?" I asked them…

Why don't you two kiss?


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First short story written in English by brazilian blogger. Two dudes and a drunk chick in the backseat of a car.

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