Musing on the abstract and different tastes in art

It still seems readily apparent that one key category of art that still retains the capacity to almost immediately divide people into ‘’like’ and ‘dislike’ or ‘interested’ and ‘uninterested’ (and as a third catch-all category ‘open-minded’ maybe) is abstract art … and abstract photography.

On the other hand, abstracts are probably much more widely accepted these days than they once were, given how visual and varied a world we witness each and every day, with so many manufactured – and nature created – images of great diversity and impact overwhelming and influencing us, wherever we look.

This divide in taste has long intrigued me given the growing awareness and truth concerning the unbelievable and fundam…

Increasing 'productivity' in the creative context?

Just posted the following comment on this topic in response to RB article:

“Having your mind work at its best and clearest and most creative is basically about reducing the stresses of life and not increasing them (which a focus on these sorts of definitions of ‘productivity’ can unfortunately result in).

  • Getting a good restful night’s sleep is a huge part of this.
  • Making time for play and recreation helps loosen it all up too.
  • Exposure to nature and the known benefits for functioning of the brain of having Bach/Baroque or Windham Hill music play in the background, also helps. (And I am not a big classical music fan.)
  • And as the research frequently shows, taking genuine, away from it all holidays/vacations – of some meaningful length, where you really do leave i