Good one RB! Most Recent Design Changes

Great to see good design thinking at work again (something RB used to be such a leader at).

Personally, I like the newly created modifications to the look and presentation of each of the ‘images of works’ pages a lot – particularly when coupled with the additional sample images of more works able to be shown below. Overall, it results in a much better focus now on the works themselves.

Why not try something similar for the RB Home Page???

(As I have pointed out before here and here, it is that all important landing page that really needs the pickup in terms of better page design and greater immediate visual impact!)

Advance apology: So many new postings on RB. Can't keep up.

There was a time when I would try very conscientiously to look at the majority of fresh works posted by the bubblers I have chosen to follow (and others too) … but over time have been finding this has basically become too overwhelming. Virtually impossible and impractical to attempt given the high volumes of postings involved.

Have even cut back on my own level of posting to achieve a greater balance in life as something of a response too these circumstances too.

Have told myself I have to try much harder to be more discriminating about what I think should be shared. Even though this is always a subjective exercise and I’m sure hard to keep to!

So my advance apologies to any seeming failure on my part to respond henceforth to any really excellent work published by my great bub…

That Redbubble 'Discovery' Process ...

Always nice to ‘out of the blue’ happen upon an excellent portfolio of work on Redbubble from a ‘new’, or at least freshly discovered fellow photography enthusiast. My most recent was today and here" (only quibble is that his images are displayed in framed form which in effect diminishes their impact, unless you click on each to enlarge them). The work of Laurent Hunziker.

So just what is Redbubble?


As a first time visitor, this is what (at a glance – all I am willing to give for most new sites) the home page most prominently and immediately tells me today:

1. “Buy Shiny Independent Designs on Super-Great Products”
2. “The Redbubble Animal Adoption Center” – with a cutesy set of animal drawings

Looking for additional clues to gain an understanding of what the site is about I find:

  • A second small window mentioning something about a featured artist with a small thumbnail image.
  • And beside that, another saying something about “Let the games begin! A gallery of sporting images” (Timely at least!)

I then see a subheading saying ‘Found by RB’ with a pile of images of disparate c…

Self Defeating RB Home Page Design Changes


Having had a chance to now absorb and think about redbubble’s new approach to its home page have come to a few extra conclusions. And it pertains to its design, appearance and impact on viewers (not its functionality or usability issues).

First, given the old page could only ever feature a handful of works and artists at a time, it is great that they have attempted to expose far more people.

However I think in this regard they have unfortunately gone overboard and in the process undermined the basic principles necessary for good and memorable design outcomes.

There are now way too many images appearing under the Found by RB and New Things from People you Follow sections. So many in fact that they are very counter prod

First poster sale - Voodoo Doughnut - Thanks!

Someone shares a love of Portland institutions … probably a bacon doughnut fan?

That dramatically boosts my commission based income from redbubble sales from $1.15 to $2.75. Time to give up the day job!!

But appreciate the purchase & interest … and to the buyer … thank you!

The image:

Nice surprise: 'Motel' roadside neon makes RB home page

On redbubble home page today – motel

My thanks to whoever curated this particular set of selections for the home page.

Although I now have no idea where I shot this, always had a soft spot for the qualities of this sign and its unusual siting.

So, great to see it up there and in such good company. A good theme and like the selections in general.

As quite a few fellow bubblers would have realised I have a bit of a love affair with neon and old neons. New ones too.

As I tried to explain it all away – “Neon heaven … the mania induced by inert gas placed inside glass tubing.”

Proposal to create 'Thank Your Group Hosts Day'


Been thinking about the cold hard fact that without the ongoing time and effort put into hosting all our favorite groups by their volunteer hosts they wouldn’t exist! And what a loss to us all that would be.

Also been thinking that while many nice comments are directed at them on occasion, the level of recognition and thanks most likely deserves to be elevated to a more appropriate height.

So wanted to suggest that Redbubble create a thank your hosts day. A day where even if we can’t send a personal bubblemail or comment on their pages to every group’s hosts (because we join so many!), we at least take the time to thank those we find ourselves using most often.

I welcome your feedback on this and encourage your efforts to spread this…

Redbubble Survey - Invasive and Not Upfront


Maybe like me you recently received an email containing a survey request from Redbubble, seeking to “improve” RB and claiming to seek our opinions … and also valuing these “quite a lot .. really”.

Note the use of the word “opinions”, therefore implicitly leading us to believe that RB is not actually seeking HARD PERSONAL DATA – under the guise of seeking opinions!

Given the past debates about just how seriously RB takes its members views and feedback on anything and to see if things have improved here, I immediately opened the first page of the RB survey. And my thoughts on what I found now follow:

SURVEY’S STATED PURPOSE: The survey states that it is supposedly focused on asking redbubble me…

Excrement image!

Funny thing happens sometimes when trying to type the word ‘Excellent!’ into the comments window of other people’s photos.

My fingers hit the wrong keys and I constantly find I have tapped something out that looks extremely close to ‘Excrement’!

So if, perchance, it gets through undetected by me one day, you now know the background … and I think your ‘sh#tty’ photo is in reality fantastically good!

A reflection (or two) on entering my 5th year with redbubble

Entering my 5th year as a Redbubble member, I have been reflecting on the nature and meaning of the (now more readily perceptible) shifts in my usage patterns of redbubble over that time. And also my feelings about the underlying experience itself.

What is on the record as blinking obvious (going by my earlier intense rate of nearly daily postings of not just single, but multiple images) is that upon joining RB – like a drug – the pleasure of discovery becomes truly addictive. And many hours, that would otherwise be devoted to other activities, were soon being totally devoted to this site.

I know I am not alone in this ‘passionate’ response and (if it is even worth putting it all on trial in the first place), the jury is still out on whether the time devoted could have been …

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