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Simply respecting and celebrating life, in all its magnificent diversity and wonders, is nowadays the truly radical act of any artist. /...


Frank Lloyd Wright Quote: On Nature and Inspiration

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you … Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright (Architect)

Van Gogh Quote: On Artists and Nature

“It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to, the feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures.”
– Quote from artist, Vincent van Gogh

RB REDESIGN: One BIG improvement noted

Just discovered that on your public profile page, when the link to ’View all art" is clicked, a web user now gets taken to a very nicely designed page which features in descending order your all time most popular works.

This basically means those works that people generally have liked a lot get seen first.

A great idea and more likely to expose potential buyers or even just friends to your (most likely) ‘best’ works first. But while still more immediately exposing your most recent additions on the main profile page.

Sounds like a great improvement to me .. I’m sure there will be more, as the exploration continues …

(P.S. The ascending order may also help me clean out some works at the tail end that probably shouldn’t be on redbubble in the first place!)

Redbubble Design Changes: Not rushing to judgment.

I notice a lot a negative reaction to the new changes and redesign work done to the RB website, particularly in relation to the users’ management pages and related tools & functions. (Many of which still function as before, but are just accessed in a different position or place.)…

As always, change inevitably throws people out of their familiarity comfort zones for a little while, but it does not have to be all bad. Only Facebook seems to almost deliberately set out to totally screw things up for users to suit their own totally contemptuous market profiling and moneymaking purposes!

But back to RB. Personally I think snap judgments made on the basis of first or early impressions can be misleading. Sure it now looks more complicated (initially at least) to the artist/member user, but it pay

Proposal to Redbubble: New 'Personal Favorites Gallery' concept


There is so much outstanding work on Redbubble that is not seen more widely, because each bubbler tends to find their own set of groups, friends, watchlists and links and in effect live in their own corner/s of the site … without necessarily the time (nor the right opportunities or keys) to open the doors to lots of other equally interesting corners of rb’s hundreds of worlds.

(Except when these are discovered by those various methods of predominantly ‘chance’ already available, such as checking out the home page or a group’s featured works, or spontaneously following a link or two, etc . And even with these means, there are still thousands of other great works from groups never joined that will never get to be seen and appreciated.)

The Question:

So, are there any new ways

Three Cups of Tea - an enthralling & life changing read

Finally got round to reading ‘Three Cups of Tea’, a true to life account of remarkable doings by the equally remarkable and always amazing Greg Mortenson and his superb co-writer, David Oliver Relin. Probably the best book I have ever read! An absolutely astonishing and inspiring story … offering life lessons on every level imaginable.…

‘Three Cups of Tea’ quietly personifies the very best of non-violent thinking, change and behavior along the way. Nearly impossible to put down & enthrallingly & brilliantly written, it represents such a powerful gift to those valuing cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect and common sense, let alone a return to less selfish & more compassionate times. And word of its inherent power is still rapidly spreading.

This book could also easily convince a do

'Inert gas' - the heavenly world of neons

As you may have guessed I have long been a big fan of any truly atmospheric, edgy or compelling neon sign … particularly some of the, now sadly threatened, classic old neons that have somehow clung on to life to the present day. (Not to overlook the more adventurous examples to be found in a whole new era of modern design – in Las Vegas, Tokyo, Times Square and in so many cities, big and small, around the world.)…

They all constitute such irresistible eye candy … the equivalent of a retina enhancing drug at work … but in essence created by the action of a simple electric discharge! (Ignoring, for the moment, that essential touch of human creativity and engineering.)

Now, in homage to these ‘free to view’ sensory pleasures, a calendar titled inert gas, comprising a selection of my own small

Triple feature

I normally find it really hard to determine which particular images will appeal (more than others) on redbubble.

Which is why I am quite amazed that windswept has now managed to be featured within three very different, but excellent groups – Rural around the Globe; Industrial Landscapes; and United States.

Exciting and much appreciated of course!

Fixing the fundamentals: The sheer necessity of media reform

We can’t fix society’s problems without fixing the media system.

“… At its heart .. it is our media system that flattens our debates, distorts our perception, corrupts our language, narrows our alternatives, limits our understanding, even as it massages and entertains our brains, reflecting the commercial and political agenda of those on high.

… How can you have any kind of democracy if the people are not informed, not being informed, and in fact being under-informed .. by a system that dumbs it down when we need it to smarten us up?"
- Danny Schechter ( )

“When journalists ignore abuses of the public language by people of influence and power, and reproduce without comment words that are intended to deceive and manipulate … when this happens journalism ceases to be jo

Canon G9 sensor failure

As a long time fan of Canon’s cameras (moving and still) was most disappointed when after relatively very few uses, the sensor on my Canon G9 shutdown suddenly … with no fault, accident, misuse or abuse on my part. I see on their site that Canon is admitting this problem for a range of other cameras, but the list does not include the G9 at this stage, so hope I am not in for an expensive repair to make good on a genuine manufacturing fault! A recall or acceptance of responsibility on their part would be nice …

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

(Postscript: Apparently the circuit board had to be replaced. Weird. Faulty to begin with no doubt as camera never abused in any shape or form.)

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