Good one RB! Most Recent Design Changes

Great to see good design thinking at work again (something RB used to be such a leader at).

Personally, I like the newly created modifications to the look and presentation of each of the ‘images of works’ pages a lot – particularly when coupled with the additional sample images of more works able to be shown below. Overall, it results in a much better focus now on the works themselves.

Why not try something similar for the RB Home Page???

(As I have pointed out before here and here, it is that all important landing page that really needs the pickup in terms of better page design and greater immediate visual impact!)


  • Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch
    Kerryn Madsen-...almost 2 years ago

    Yes I heartily agree with you on both accounts Bruce.

  • Maybe one day they will share this opinion too … thanks Kerryn

    – Bruce Dickson