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Bruce Dickson

Joined November 2007

Simply respecting and celebrating life, in all its magnificent diversity and wonders, is nowadays the truly radical act of any artist. /...

Advance apology: So many new postings on RB. Can't keep up.

There was a time when I would try very conscientiously to look at the majority of fresh works posted by the bubblers I have chosen to follow (and others too) … but over time have been finding this has basically become too overwhelming. Virtually impossible and impractical to attempt given the high volumes of postings involved.

Have even cut back on my own level of posting to achieve a greater balance in life as something of a response too these circumstances too.

Have told myself I have to try much harder to be more discriminating about what I think should be shared. Even though this is always a subjective exercise and I’m sure hard to keep to!

So my advance apologies to any seeming failure on my part to respond henceforth to any really excellent work published by my great bubbler friends … the task is now beyond me. But must stress I will still be enjoying the great works I am able to occasionally observe. Even if I don’t always have the time to respond or comment.

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