Personal view of art and creativity:
Simply respecting and celebrating life – in all its magnificent diversity & wonders - is nowadays the truly radical act of any artist.

(Sadly … thanks to the perpetually negative, shock & horror focus and influence of the media and disillusioning impacts of our corrupted political systems … it seems we all need constant reminding of this most fundamental truth.)

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Favorite Images: For a real visual feast, please explore my eclectic/diverse selections from the absolutely outstanding work of others – via the Favorites link here and/or at the top of this page. The talent revealed is remarkable! Two samples: Persephone & Delicate. And yet another, more recently seen: Having a blast.

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Redbubble dynamics: In case they are of interest, some perspectives on the dynamics of redbubble itself.

General focus of my work:
Celebrating life can also include seeing and interpreting the ‘everyday’ and the supposedly ‘mundane’ through fresh and more alert eyes.

As you will find, ‘eclecticism’ rules on these pages … and possibly understatement too. Primary colours, more often than not, also seem to disappear into the void. All in all, very common phenomena in life itself.

The surprise discovery made when attempting to group my shots together, under seemingly appropriate headings, was that so many loosely reflected meditational, abstract & expansive landscape attributes. (See all categories below). Photography as self analysis …

It will also be evident that ‘people shots’ are few in number as, even in public places, unwelcome invasions of personal space & privacy can still occur far too easily. (Particularly via anonymous travel through others’ lands.) More jottings, samples of framed artworks and special weblinks follow.

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Further jottings:
Photography and film & video have been longtime creative pleasures. And writing as well (occasionally with a satirical edge). Cameras are a constant companion and without them many great experiences and sights would not remain as vivid in my mind as they do today. With my digital work I try as far as possible to take and select shots that please me without further software editing interventions (e.g. Rain Fall) – unless it is clear this path offers some richer possibilities.

Surrealistic art has long held special appeal (connected as it so closely is to the way our subconscious dreams & brains internally function) but – externally at least – it is now struggling to remain a meaningful force in an era when life itself has become far more surreal than ‘real’. And innovations in human technology are only accelerating this trend.

‘Drive by shooting’ is an ongoing interest, where I see what can be captured from the road while driving past in a moving vehicle, often at high speed. Beats a tripod any day (sic). After deleting a gigabyte or two of garbage, it’s the surprise results that maintain the mania.

As so many bubblers observe – art, beauty and wonder are all around us, despite the best efforts of western news networks to deny this, with their daily doses of shock and horror.

It is no accident that one of the most significant ways of revitalizing the spirit and reconnecting with our deeper senses & more worthy selves is found in communion with nature and life itself … and in our power to imagine. There is so much that is wondrous to behold, value, defend and gain strength from.

And in doing so, a shared sense of empathy, creativity, humility, and inclusiveness will always help to more joyously and non-violently advance this understanding and build with others a deeper sense of community.

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Michael Leunig: An Australian National Treasure

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Now confirmed? Those selections for the RB Homepage are clearly becoming consistently better.

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