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I have loved drawing since i was first able to pick up a pencil.
A lot of my work is not pre-planed it just apears on the page in front of me. I find i go into a meditative state while i draw, mostly my hand seems to take over, moving with a life of it`s own.
Often when a work is finished i look at it and wonder where inside it came from. Sometimes i konw, sometimes i don`t.
My other passion in life is Circus. I have been a circus performer since i was 5yrs old.
I now spend my time performing aerial, teaching ground and aerial circus skills to adults and children alike and creating artwork. Art is my ‘yin’ time to balance out my ‘yang’ life style.
Love and Light,

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: May 2007


Art Showing

Hi All, / My Artwork will be on display at “V Gee’s” coffee shop {was “Urban Grinde”} on Boundary St,West End, from the 30th August -13th September. / All art work is for sale and as well as copies. / So come along and have a look while enjoying a great coffee. / Thanks, / You Rock. / Love and Light, / Brook.
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